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Long-awaited test results are finally in for the Jeep Cherokee and Mazda3. While the Cherokee is ultimately disappointing, labeled as “not done yet,” the Mazda3 proves to be impressive. We also talk about the new Toyota Highlander and the most expensive test car we’ve ever bought, the Mercedes-Benz S550.

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  1. tepeke88 says

    Maybe its just me but, with the exception of tom, the rest of the guys have
    trouble making conversation, they look camera shy or something….

  2. juan tafoya says

    I’ll take the 2.5l Mazda 3. Wow that Mercedes is awesome just shows that
    Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz are the fathers of the automobile.

  3. Wells306 says

    Mazda should put the 3′s infotainment system into the 6′s dash (negating
    the fixed iPad look), and add some sound reduction material in the doors
    and seals. Most of the 6′s problems would be solved with those two fixes.

  4. nickolastiguan says

    SkyActive is great and all, but i can’t help wonder it being so high tech,
    if it will be reliable. it is sort of the same as German cars being too
    over engineered.

    the DRL issue, just make all the cars’ DRL on all the time, like in Canada?

  5. mb013962 says

    The civic hf they tested with a 5 speed auto and no direct injection also
    got 33 mpg combined…21 city 49 hwy…yes I know it’s lighter and probably
    louder but it’s still noteworthy 

  6. gene978 says

    listening to these guys talk just makes my blood boil. What are these guys
    Critics? They know how to be spoiled. That’s what they sound like. They
    like to hear themselves talk and come across as dick heads. 

  7. Elias Chiddicks says

    a) Thanks for bringing up my pet peeve with manual transmissions revving
    far too high on the highway. This really frustrates me, and it’s something
    all the Japanese manufacturers have done for a long while.
    b) I’m under the impression that the 2.5 will be very shortly available
    with a manual transmission.

  8. victor bozzo says

    One agreement and one disagreement on the Mazda 3. It makes ZERO sense to
    have a center mounted tachometer on an automatic trans car and a center
    mounted speedometer on a manual transmission car. For cost savings and
    considering they’re selling this as a sporty car, BOTH cars regardless of
    transmission should have the center mounted tachometer. Based on a rather
    extensive review on the Mazda 3 Infotainment system and my personal
    sampling of it I think it’s one of the best Infotainment systems in the
    industry short of a U-Connect system. The Kia UVO is also very good. 

  9. Kamaka Chang says

    Love the show. I totally agree with you on Toyota’s DRL switches. Would you
    comment on turn signals becoming less visible from the sides and diagonals?
    I’ve noticed many new cars including Toyotas have no repeaters even as an
    option and you can only see turn signals from straight ahead or behind.

  10. WickedCoolReviews says

    Very nice show as usual. I enjoy the personal insight each person brings to
    the table. 

  11. fatboy19831 says

    I hated that I could not turn off my DRLs or the auto headlights on my 2000
    celica. I wrote Toyota about it. I ended up along with many others
    modifying the wiring and installing my own off switches. I love the new

  12. thermopyle says

    The infotainment system of the 3 definitely has issues that need to be
    ironed out (and are in the version updates) but its much much better than
    most of its competitors.

  13. markjwil says

    Come on Jake. I know you guys are experts, but please don’t compare this
    Jeep to the horrible VW Jetta.

  14. jandj Godwin says

    Why Mazda 3 is not a great car, cuz a car is a machine that should carry 4
    adults in comfort and in that aspect Mazda can carry just 2 adults and 2
    children, what If 4 adults should make a trip of over 500 miles in a Mazda?
    other thing is Mazda is fun to drive at the expense of Cabin
    insulation,ride quality,and less stiffer body, The Mazda seems tout and
    tough but when I enter a Focus or a VW Golf they both feel much more solid
    than slightly tin can feeling Mazda even though Ford and VW are much older
    About Mazdas super power, its not the Mazdas power that excites its the
    lack of weight that pushes the car just like hyundai which has paper thin
    car with high HP so its damn fast but is it SOLID, NO
    The Focus with 2.0 160 HP and MANUAL TRANSMISSION is damn good and blows
    mazdas 2.0 away , Oh sorry I stay in Asia and we get the Focus with 170 HP
    and its a rocket considering its BORING class
    About the AT yes Mazdas traditional AT is the best AT I have ever been, its
    superb and still the best AT transmission agree with that
    About ride quality, maybe American roads are smooth but here in Asia Mazda
    is very bad in dealing with rough roads,its super stiff and even a Ford
    Focus and VW Golf is more comfy than a Mazda
    About the interior Y is that Mazda is trying to copy BMW, fuk Germans they
    are good and If Mazda s got balls make an interior thats of their own, I
    appreciate Ford and VW and all other for atleast makin a design of their
    own rather than copying,
    I think Consumer reports has already tested the VW Golf 2015 trust me guys
    that car didnt win world car of the year 2013 as a mistake, it is totally
    world class, the 1.8 TSI is damn quick and even in horrible traffic here in
    Asia unlike in US it gave a descent 30 mpg overall, which might equate to
    32 mpg overall in USA which is great considering the eagerness of that 1.8
    and the fastest gearbox in the world and Audi rivaling cabin
    quietness,refinement,traction,Power,handling,The 2015 Golf just eats Mazda
    3 for breakfast, also count on 2015 Ford Focus which will be revealed on
    Geneva Motor show March 2014, Thats got rid of confusing interior controls
    added much more luxurious interiors,new turbo engines mated with dual
    clutch AT boxes and a whole lot more,Mazda is over in a few months
    time,when the giant VW and Ford lands 

  15. Lucien E says

    I noticed today article about 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid’s mpg is far below
    I hope this is not tested in freezing temperatures since it’s obvious you
    lose more than 30% of your battery capacity.

    Not sure how that is tested to adjust for temperatures? Cleanmpg got 50 mpg
    at 65 mph but that’s at warm temperatures. I can imagine you lose more than
    20% on that in freezing temperatures.