Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Naderi, discusses options for reducing smile lines / laugh lines (nasolabial folds) and marionette lines. Surgical options such as midface lift, fat injection and subcision are discussed as well as filler injections such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, Artefill, Evolence. Juvederm Ultra injection technique is demonstrated in Herndon, Virginia.
Dr. Shervin Naderi is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. He has practices outside of Washington DC in Reston-Herndon Virginia and Chevy Chase Maryland in the Barlow Building. He is a “Rhinoplasty specialist” as well as a master injector and a clinical instructor for Botox, Dysport and dermal filler injections. He is also an examiner for the American Board of Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery.


  1. jmd11185 says

    I’d like to see how it turned out after a few days because initially I
    think she looked worse then before.

  2. Amy McCormick says

    with a face like hers why the hell did she feel the need to go through
    that??? People these days are crazy.. we r all goin to look old at some
    stage trying to avoid it is like shovelling snow when it’s still snowing!

  3. DYLAN3264 says

    We all look at ourselves and pick out things we don’t like…and if you
    need it go for it…fined a well known,educated ..doctor and those who
    do,nothing wrong with it!!!!! I do it and the best thing ever….its worth
    every penny…i have friends who disagree and i am doing it for me…NO ONE

  4. Beatriz Ochoa says

    I am 30 and my skin is pretty much like your model’s. I was debating
    whether to go with radiesse or juvederm. After seeing your video I will go
    with juvederm. It looks like you only used 1 syringe, does your model also
    have botox and lip augmentation? what does she do about large pores?

  5. Solayg says

    Hi There, I had restylane injections for Naso. Folds over 1 year ago and I
    still have bruising in the left side of the injection area not to dark of a
    bruise but it is still dark enough to have to use makeup to cover? The spa
    said sometimes that happens Is this Permenant? How do I fix it

  6. chezwickgee says

    you mention that the kind of product to choose should depend on the type
    and severity of the lines. I have very deep naso folds that I have had all
    my life, of course with age they are very deep. Not at all like the model
    in the video. Is there a product that is better for deeper lines?

  7. chezwickgee says

    @DrNaderi you are very kind to reply so quickly and thoroughly. I am just
    beginning to explore this idea. I know what you mean about perception. But
    I have been told about my lines since I was very young (I am 48). they are
    a genetic component of my face, and I have avoided any thoughts of change.
    In fact, I worry that they are so deep and actually creased, they might not
    respond to a filler, or worse look strange and puffy. I d like to opt for
    something extremely minor.thank you so much.

  8. Natasha Tasha says

    cost that much to last only 4 to 18(not clear) month, better to save for
    plastic segery instead. Looks very painful when nidle goes again in the
    same area, which is bleading…

  9. threeoneg77 says

    @DrNaderi I guess I’m just upset because I spent so much money and didn’t
    get any results. The doctor is in Newport Beach, CA in Orange County in
    some VERY expensive real estate, a medical building that I’m sure has rent
    that is like $5,000/mo or something..this is right next to Corona Del Mar
    some of the richest people in the world live there. He was not a young
    surgeon, he was in his 50′s, he had been practicing for over 20 years. I
    hope the next time I try this procedure it actually works.

  10. townes8714 says

    Interesting video, thanks for posting. I have an artery roughly an inch
    away from the corner of my mouth that is close to the surface of the skin.
    It protrudes and I can see it pulsate, it has gotten worse over time. Could
    Juverderm help with this? I think it is because of the loss of fat over

  11. sqlara says

    Hi doc I am 35yrs and have massive deep folds along with turkey neck! I am
    too young to have them I think. What procedures should I do or can u

  12. Yesenia Rosales says

    How much is this, this also to happens to people who lost tremendous
    weight. Very interesting

  13. 911musicmania says

    Where are you located Dr? I got my JD last week and I feel a lump on the
    right side and it doesn’t looks natural. I see a depression near my nose
    area. A lot of Dr.’s really don’t know the correct way of injecting this.

  14. Suhasini Mp says

    Hi ! I m only 19 from INDIA. I see the lines now on my face can’t it be
    cleared fully.As i see the above lady she must have the skin from the tip
    of the nose till the end of her lips.I too have same problem I really can’t
    look at my .Sagging of face at this stage I feel pity on myself.Can i get
    back my face as it was before exactly?

  15. Shervin Naderi says

    Your statement is absolutely wrong and has no basis in truth or science so
    please avoid giving people “medical advice” unless you are a doctor.

  16. Shervin Naderi says

    I hear you. Im a natural nut myself and a Vegan but vanity trumps
    everything! LOL Fat injections are fine if you have a decent fat source.
    Its more invasive and “surgery” but it needs to be sucked out from one
    area, prepared then injected into the smile lines and it needs to be over
    injected since a large part of it melts away and some of it is permanent.
    It may get lumpy but its a good alternative to fillers in the smile lines.

  17. Desiree Nelson says

    AWESOME! finally a master of injections Let the injector think… not
    you results are proof

  18. laydii luv says

    Thank you for sharing this video:) It was very helpful. I know I’m late
    commenting, but I’m curious as to what amount of juvederm was used and
    which specific juvederm filler? Much thanks in advance!

  19. TheAmazed5 says

    Does being overweight cause wrinles to happen faster? Also why do full
    cheeks cause laugh lines to appear sooner( I read one of your previous
    comments on the comment thread below)?