Anti Aging Tips to learn more about my anti-aging elixir and how to double your intake of greens.

The video above discusses three of my most unusual and powerful youth restoring or anti-aging tips. We filmed it near the hot pool of Kapoho on the Big Island of Hawaii. to learn how I stay fit with vigorous exercise in less than 15-minutes a day. to get my free Raw Food Diet myth busting audios. I also dispel several raw food myths.

A “giant” thanks to Josh Fossgreen for appearing on this video and playing the giant chasing after me and Andrew.

Here’s Josh’s raw food website:

And a big thanks to Joey as well for filming the video.

The little boy in the red shirt is my son Andrew formerly known as No-No Boy because that is what he used to call his mother’s milk.

For more anti-aging information please check what the 41-Year Old Teenager has to say.


  1. Andie Dee says

    I don’t find your tips unusual, they make total sense and common sense
    would have us live as such, sadly sometimes we get sucked into the
    unhealthy ways of living but our minds are powerful and once we can stick
    to looking after the body mind and soul with the exercise, good foods and
    be peaceful and happy, we do indeed look and feel much better on the inside
    and outside.x

  2. astrix1793 says

    What about the snugger in fruit ?
    I think eating only fruit (and veg’) but alot of fruit would make you fat
    or at least struggle with body fat percentiles
    Your thoughts ?

  3. Phillip S says

    Americans in particular are preoccupied with a fantasy of looking like they
    are living in a state of arrested development. That and being wealthy.
    Don’t fear aging, embrace it. If you look younger than your age that is a
    bonus but there is more to you than looks alone. Men shouldn’t have to dye
    their hair or wax their chests to fit in or to attract a mate.


  4. Leonardo Ragazzi says

    What about the oxalates in green smoothies? I read so much contradictory
    articles I don’t know what to believe anymore. Anyone had issues with
    oxalates? especially in their joints? 

  5. Zameen Sabet says

    This is what i call the first world, privileged white man concerns! Plus
    how are you contributing to the betterment of all beings with that young
    teenage body of yours? Are you using that young body to contribute to
    community work or growing gardens every where? Have you actually considered
    helping out elder or disabled people with that young body? What good is a
    young body if its only being used for looks and ego boost? No matter what,
    one day, your body will also end up in a grave, rotting, all that remains
    is your karma and soul. How much work have you done on keeping your karma
    and soul pure and youthful? Anyways… as for raw eating its easy for you
    to say and do cause you live on a island where fresh food grows every
    where. What about people who live in concrete jungles? or what about people
    who cant afford to by optimum raw food and are stuck eating food that is
    ultimately swayed by Monsanto? Dud you really need to grow up, get out of
    your teenage body mentality and begin looking at the bigger problems of our

  6. John Maul says

    Im 27 still get ID when i buy lighter fluid only time I dont is when i grow
    some beard, did even grow facial hair until 26…….even then it still
    takes like a month…….No drinking and No Smoking and eating shit loads
    of good and bad

  7. savcob says

    Fruit is sweet because of glucose. This is how it works: Glucose >
    glucolisis > Acetil-CoA > part of that goes to fat. The more glucose the
    more Acetil-CoA- the more fat. Its not about eating raw fruits and
    vegetables..its keeping your caloric balance negative..spend more energy
    than you can whatever you want. If you spend every day say
    3000 calories try to limit your food input to about 2500 as easy as that.

  8. alber dellbruegge says

    you have a fruit film, fruit is the most toxic food on earth, so if you
    like to die fast and stupid eat more fruit. Meat is the right food for
    human not fruit. What some people have to say is only bullshit!!! Folks
    dont listen to this shit.

  9. lee supra says

    looking good dosent mean one has stop aging, good exercises right food can
    do mircales!so basically man lives healthy and eats natural food and his
    mindset is he tries to look good and feel young.baiscally normal things
    odinary things. no surprises here!he looks younger for sure because that
    but anyone who will just little train in that direction will easily look
    same or even better.but if one fasts eats too little opposite happens he
    will look older and tired.

  10. HMFamilyLIfe FrankandAngie says

    Hello Roger. How long have you been sprinting for stamina after the age of
    40? And have you had a period where you stopped sprinting and then resumed
    sprinting, what was your experience? I used to sprint in my 30s but lets
    just say a bit more challenging after not sprinting or working out for many

  11. Johnny Gainor says

    Everything this young man (yes, 44 is still quite young) says is true, and
    overall good advice. However, some people just look young for a long time,
    at 44 I looked closer to 30 – at 59 I am taken for someone who is around
    ten years younger than that. Some of it just has to do with genetics – I
    try to watch my diet but to just exist on vegetables and fruits wouldn’t be

  12. freebee007 says

    hey you are sprinting on a hard cemented road that might tear away tendons
    and ligaments in the longer run, what you say about it??? please update

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