Anti Aging Facial Tips

Get intoxicated…..with my all natural beer facial that will fight aging and acne in one shot, while leaving your skin smooth and soft. ***Do not use if allergic to the ingredients***

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  1. Beronica Frias says

    Beer is also good for kidney stones. The ingredient on the beer help to
    push then out an the alcohol with the pain.. lol.. i been drinking some
    every other day and it working for me. No excuse for drinking beer. Dont
    drink it

  2. Lala Walker says

    Hilarious!!! I do enjoy watching u get a tiny tipsy….the sacrafices you
    make in the name of Beauty Lol love it!

  3. Toya J says

    I love it. Lmfao you were lit by the fourth beer. And we can do the same
    trick with the neck of the bottle. Lol. You need to do more vids that way.
    Great tip thanks!

  4. michael soper says

    A tsp. of that bitch. This is too good. I must try this beer tip (On my
    face) hopefully. You are too funny!!!!! OMG. 

  5. Martika Trujillo says

    I’m hopefully heading to Jersey for the holidays… we MUST go get a couple
    of beers! Hahahahaha

  6. Gloria Lorenzo says

    Omg I was two sheets to the wind when I saw this video lol never laughed so
    much. Your the best❤

  7. Laura Delgado says

    Rob…. You drink the beers so good! I’ve seen the video twice and it makes
    we want to go buy some Angry Orchards. Is that the kind you drank? I bet
    your so much fun at a party….

  8. Leo Brown says

    Just stumbled on this video I’m going to try the facial. You gave me
    absolute life with you drinking chile’! Call me if you ever want to have
    some cocktails.

    Your new fan and “friend”
    Psychic Leo Brown :)