1. TONYLOUIS100 says

    1st…. Comment….Great video. I love your channel and have subscribed.
    I’m 52 and still youthful. This is due to years of healthy eating and
    sports fitness training

  2. eyes2seebeyond says

    fish, corn are GMO, chocolate is loaded with SUGAR, ( raw cocoa is better)..
    fats can be consumed by coconut oil, or any non gmo oil.
    kale and quinoa for protein..

  3. Peter Lawrence says

    your choice of background music is a huge fail.and your sound quality
    sounds like you are selling UFO ideology? ( I believe in UFO’s by the way)
    not professional at all? Do you actually talk like that?

  4. walter hopper says

    I loved the video and the great information. I did try the barramundi at a
    Lazy Dog in the Cerritos Mall, great service,servent Schenll. I do
    presently eat 18 out of 20, and I love to do smoothiesravis.

  5. Asad Ahmed says

    Hi hi! Have you heard the talk about – Rovolori 97 Minute Week (do a search
    on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about this way to slow the
    rapid aging process and my father also got some great outcomes with it. 

  6. ortegablue says

    You mean non GMO corn or course…need to mention that! GMO corn gives test
    animals tumors. Is it a computer generated voice? The music and voice are
    difficult to listen to because it sounds very mechanical.

  7. cascadehopsrule says

    HAHA, this thing lost all credibility by putting whey protein on here.
    HAHA, its extremely processed has a bunch of filler. Go drink some raw
    milk or you have plenty of other healthy protein options. This video is
    ridiculous! HAHAHA

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