Best Anti-aging Moisturizers

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Products Mentioned (all purchased by ME)
LUSH Buffy
LUSH Dream Cream
LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Nardo’s Natural Facial Moisturizer
Nardo’s Natural Body Lotion
Terralogic Belle Provence Hair Treatment (purchased on Etsy)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk
Fresh Sugar Lip Polish
Neutrogena Age Shield Face
Bio Oil

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  1. jo34576 says

    Got to add to my former comment that you hair color is fabulous. I wish
    wish wish mine would go gray. I just have gray in the front so it’s not
    enough to let it go all the way and I am so envious when I see someone who
    has hair like yours. You are so lucky.

  2. mylifeinspiredby says

    You are so right Natalie, my derm told me the same thing….she said
    moisturize and when u think it’s enough, moisturize again…lol It is the
    key to young skin. Love the products u mentioned, happy to see u again:)

  3. LadyZ712 says

    2/2 I’ve started using Embryolisse Lait Creme in the morning and (or) at
    night.. I just love the way it leaves my face/neck feeling. I use it around
    my eyes as well, when needed. I take turns & use Shiseido Pureness
    Matifying Moisturizer in the morning & Origins Night-A-Mins. Have a great
    weekend! xo Sammie

  4. natalie075 says

    Ohhhh, I’m going to try that!! I certainly have enough of it, and it was so
    inexpensive! If you do try it on your hair, be sure to use a teeny tiny
    amount :) Don’t do what I did, and glob it on! ha ha

  5. natalie075 says

    Thank you, Melissa!! The most challenging thing about filming is the
    lighting… it’s so nice to have a small space to setup, and leave up
    the lighting! Enjoy your Sunday and keep making videos!!! Big Hugs ~Natalie

  6. natalie075 says

    Where do you get the Embyolisse products? I have heard about them for
    years……don’t the Pixiwoo girls use that line? Thanks for sharing your
    favorites……. ~Nat

  7. uppiesbeads59 says

    I love empties too…and I think there is nothing wrong with you “creeping”
    around my shower wanting my goods…LOL…Big hug…Love ya!

  8. natalie075 says

    Well now………..that was a brilliant use for coconut oil! You wouldn’t
    believe how much I used…I had to use a clarifying shampoo to get it all
    out! ha ha Happy Monday, Jools!! xo ~Natalie

  9. makeuploverusa says

    What an awesome video, Natalie! You showed so many beautiful products and
    some I’m very interested in. Carol’s Daughter sounds like the product for
    me. I should look into the brand. I have that Fresh Sugar lip polish and
    couldn’t agree with you more. It really is wonderful. Hugs! XO! Sandra

  10. natalie075 says

    We are soooooo excited to be going back!!! It’s been a VERY long time (too
    many years to say :)) …….. We met on Terceira, and that is where we are
    going in 28 days!! We will be flying into San Miguel, and then on to
    Terceira. Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement, Mary. xo ~Natalie

  11. Audrey Fulton says

    Hi Natalie tried to find you on face book, I entered Natalie Ann and still
    couldn’t find you. I’m on face book Audrey Elizabeth Fulton Stewarton is
    underneath my name. I enjoy all your videos. X x X

  12. natalie075 says

    Audrey, I found you, and sent you a message on FB. You don’t have a “friend
    request” button on your page, so I can’t friend you. I see that I sent a
    message back in May as well. I’m sorry you can’t find me. Do you have an
    email address, I can send you a link. xoxo ~Natalie

  13. Sheri A says

    Currently testing (for review) Olay Pro-X Spot Fading Treatment on my
    sun/age spots and I started to see improvement in only a few days (I had no
    improvement from Clinique’s Dark Spot Corrector). Recently reviewed L’Oreal
    Revitalift Triple Power Concentrated Serum; resurfaces and softens skin.
    Face moisturizer with SPF=Olay Complete. Eyes=Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting
    Serum. Body=Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials.

  14. Norma McGee says

    Great Video,I live in Canada,and the Winters are very cold and dry.This is
    when the moistures come in.We have a health food store here in Alberta
    called Nutters,and they sell Kiss my Face moisture,they have had it for
    many years,they sell out of it in The Winter.Its works pretty good. there
    are soo many moistures out that now,that it gets soo confusing of which
    ones to by.I’ll stick with the Kiss my Face for now .

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