Artefill –Dr Rajani, phone = 1-855-265-3328 a leader in minimally invasive Aesthetic Medicine describes Artefill. He outlines the facial procedure and how it differs from juvederm and restylane and botox in Portland Oregon. Dr Rajani is an Artefill Diamond Elite provider, trainer for Artefill and Allergan, and a sought after speaker and educator. For more information follow him at or on facebook for weekly helpful tips.


  1. Dr. Anil Rajani says

    Artefill–Dr Rajani Answers the most common questions about the longest
    lasting most natural looking facial filler on the market. He is a diamond
    elite injector and a trainer for Suneva Medical´╗┐

  2. Dr. Anil Rajani says

    Artefill is an excellent option for the chin. I provide an initial
    treatment and then usually a follow up at 2 months to do a final treatment.