1. errnac says

    Shes beautiful, but very young to get botox, i couldnt really see the
    difference. I see more of a difference when people get botox in their 30′s
    or 40′s.

  2. AryoArian says

    Botulinum toxin is injected into the Muscle, not the Skin although skin may
    be the overlying structure, for this reason any health professional
    familiar with facial anatomy and movement can carry out this procedure
    adequately; there is no need to see a dermatologist

  3. Tooth Doc says

    I agree that one should use a properly trained practitioner but to need a
    board certified dermatologist is not necessary. I am a practicing cosmetic
    dentist and no one give injections in the facial area more than a dentist.
    Dentists are experts in facial anatomy and frankly, with proper training
    and conservative techniques, botox can be safe for any practitioner. I have
    seen amazing results from aestheticians and poor results from
    dermatologists and vice versa. Just a thought for your viewers.

  4. Guida de Luca Barbosa says

    Botox is to keep her beauty, not to change her face. She is right to do
    that, when we keep our face young we don’t need hard interventions later.

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