Dr. Tiffani Hamilton, a Dermatologist, shares with us about her job.


  1. 088261 says

    I want to become a dermatologist but I’m afraid I won’t be able to become
    one because I hear from many people that becoming a physician is very
    difficult and takes a lot of hard work, which lowers my confidence, but I
    really am motivated to do what I want, to help those who are suffering from
    skin conditions that affect their lives. Should I just do what I want to
    do, become a dermatologist?

  2. pringles lover says

    you should follow your dreams!!!!!! infact my dream of pursuing a career
    in dermatology seems to be a challange but I will get there one day and so
    will you! as the lady in the video said very clearly enjoy all those years
    because it is all worth it in the end.:) goodluck

  3. Tim Somerville says

    haha no offence but I think this would be the last doctor i’d ever go to,
    she looks either really drunk, or really horny

  4. MoonLight Moe says

    i was not able to make a replay for unknown reason lol…

    hi 088261, me too.. i’m an undergraduate student ( 1st year)lol
    but I’m confident about myself and I believe i can do it . I believe you
    can do it too- dermo docs are not geniuses, rather they are people who
    worked hard to achieve and accomplish their dreams to come true :)

    and as Obama said, YES WE CAN ;)