Botox Side Effects

Must see first hand point of view on BOTOX! the truth! unscripted, unpaid, and not persuaded by anyone! Just look at the results!

I realize there are haters.. but i really don’t need negative comments, lets keep that hag line gone for a while. thanks.


  1. morphinology says

    Im having my second treatment for my cleft palate’that imperfection you
    call HAGLINE coud be a THOUGHT line but then again maybe Look good

  2. crummy writer says

    I love the video the info because you see people on tv. Get it done like
    its nothing I heard Kim kardashion say it hurt really bad but I have been
    thinking about getting it and thanks for tip I will then get numbing cream
    eat before and take some kind of pain medicine but one question do you find
    Botox gives your forehead an oily look? I couldn’t tell if it was the
    lighting or your makeup but it seems to give people an oily forehead and I
    wonder why? 

  3. Kelly Johnson says

    Can you tell me as the Botox began to wear off or after about 6 months, did
    you experience any tiny whiteheads that came up in any of the Botox areas?
    I had it done and my “goal lines” between my eyes are a mess now since I’ve
    had a ton of tiny whiteheads that came up after it started to go away.

  4. madcrazymom says

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it. I had my
    first treatment yesterday and I can’t wait to scowl and not see it. I have
    elevens (2 hag lines) and I’m almost 47. It’s about time for help. Your
    video prepared me for what to expect and I’m so glad I found it. Thanks!

  5. BadTurbulence says

    pretty impressive, could i bother you for letting me know what the cost
    was? I would like to do this very soon. you are very clear and concise
    about this and I am really wanting to do this as soon as possible.
    ok, so i heard you talk about the cost . did you buy the botox yourself,
    get the rebate, and then take it to the doctor. is that hows it’s done.
    do doctor’s care. i have crows feet i would like to knock out in additiona
    to the forehead and hag line(s). please advise as I trust you more than a

  6. TV Diva says

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I know this video is older, but it
    came up recommended for me recently. Right from the start, I knew I had to

    50 units sounds like way, way too much, let alone 100 units that you
    mention later. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a gal at the medispa cop to
    getting that much or appear to be paying for that much. And, yes, I’m a
    super awful waiting room ninja snoop.

    I’m 41. I have crow furrows that go down my cheeks and some brow crinklies
    and brow drop. I don’t have a hag line. I get 20-30 units, depending on how
    stubborn my crows are being. That breaks out to 10 or 12 to raise and
    smooth my brow, and 5-10 on each eye corner and upper cheek. 30 is the most
    I have ever had. I never feel like I’ve been smacked with a bat, although I
    should warn that the brow lift shot in the arch of the eyebrow stings
    pretty badly for a half hour or so.

    My sister is 31. She has brow furrows and a hag line. We’re oddly opposites
    there. She also has a bit of brow drop. She gets 8-12 units, with it
    breaking down roughly as 2 or 3 on each brow, 1 or 2 in the hag, and 4
    across the forehead.

    Our faces don’t freeze up completely. Actually, we can both still scowl or
    look amazed; the wrinkles simply don’t engage when we do. It’s much more
    natural-looking – my apologies! – than what you had done. You look a little
    too harshly frozen. I’m so sorry. I’m not judging. You’re a beautiful girl.
    I’m just telling you like I’m seeing it in the video versus what I see on
    myself at home. I truly think that’s the 50 units all at once, all in the

    I definitely agree with my doctor’s philosophy of starting with the least
    amount you can. Work up from there til you find your perfect balance. My
    first time in with him, he did 15 units total on me.

    P.S. To anyone else reading: If you are a redhead or a genetic redhead (no
    red hair, but you’ve got the gene and, perhaps, some other traits), Botox
    will not last as long for you. It uses a receptor in the brain that is
    differently-wired in redheads! I’m ginger and freckled and very lucky if I
    get 6 weeks on a treatment. My sister, not a redhead, gets about 15 weeks.
    So unfair!

  7. Lisa K Troy says

    I had it 2 times in the same place as you. I really did not have any
    extreme pain like you said. I just kept the ice pack on it for an hour. I
    think a lot has to do with the doctor who is doing it. It is a n awesome
    treatment for lines in the forehead and the 11′s (space in tween eyebrows.

  8. devmogra says

    Botox is a drug made from a TOXIN produced by the bacterium Clostridium
    botulinum. It’s the same toxin that causes a life-threatening type of food
    poisoning called botulism.

    Botox injections work by weakening or paralyzing certain muscles or by
    blocking certain nerves. The effects last about three to twelve months,
    depending on what you are treating. The most common side effects are pain,
    swelling, or bruising at the injection site. You could also have flu-like
    symptoms, headache, and upset stomach. Injections in the face may also
    cause temporary drooping eyelids. You should not use Botox if you are
    pregnant or breastfeed.

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