Under Eye Wrinkles Botox

Also watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rstg8hWdwws Dramatic Video of Botox Before and After on the crows feet, wrinkles around the eyes from smiling. Botox, when performed by a trained professional, is a reliable means of wrinkle reduction of lines of motion. A treatment commonly used by dermatologists to get rid of facial wrinkles.


  1. TheMadonnawannabe says

    Thanks for posting ! You look natural and gorgeous and treating yourself to
    a little bit of botox just enhances your good looks. It has helped me see
    the reality of botox, as I think there is a preconception that everyone
    will come out with a frozen face ! To the critics…it’s just a muscle
    relaxant – it’s used for many medical conditions so not quite as terrible
    as rumour has it ! We all spend money on stuff and we don’t want to justify
    it to anyone and botox is a perfect example !

  2. cruising alongg says

    Ahhh..I would be nice if the Dr. iced the area before you got the
    injections. it makes it not as painful. just a common courtesy I think. u
    look great though.

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