Dark Undereye Circles

Hope you all enjoyed the video! :)

Products mentioned:
- Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer
- Benefit “Stay Don’t Stray” Concealer & Eyeshadow Primer
- Revlon Colorstay 110 Ivory
- Sigma F82
- Maybelline “Super Stay 24 HR Concealer” in Light
- Benefit “Eye Bright”
- Rimmel “Stay Matte Pressed Powder”
- Real Techniques Powder Brush
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  1. Rebecca Sarnicki says

    you have a beautiful and amazing personality!!! you just made me like you
    the first few words you spoke :) amazing video thank youuuu

  2. Marlina Basir says

    I was never bullied but the questions about if I didn’t sleep well daily
    pisses me off..I’m 29 now and it’s been a nightmare..I used to cry a lot
    when I was younger.

  3. Ninitos says

    Hey sweetie, I don’t think you should put a cream with salicylic acid on
    the skin around your eye, it is too “aggressive”… Just a thought ;) very
    nice video btw!

  4. Tuunz NG says

    Hii i have the same thing and i found the perfect product!!! its the
    corector en concesler by bobbi bronw the best thing ever!!! i struggled
    with thus for many years until now the corretor is pechy and i put on a
    little bit and i swear the dark circles are gone!! and then the concealer!

  5. Shaina Neeley says

    great info:) im seriously curious how u only have 3 vids up but have almost
    100,000 views… again, I liked the video, I will use the information. must
    be sought after info I guess:)

  6. Minnie Turnbull Whatmore says

    Omg this is perfect! I have skin like you and I’ve been looking for a way
    to cover it and I’ve finally found the perfect makeover! Thank you! 

  7. Lauri Boho Smiler says

    wow amazing , I use the same concealer but If I let them dry is really
    canky :( anybody knows how to stop the canky concealer ? :) Thank U xx

    Girls If U want please checkout my channel ,its all about my obssesion for
    makeup,fashion and FUN ! SUSSCRIBE if U want :) Kisses

  8. ximmortalkitten says

    I have watched tons of videos for under eye concealing, and I have never
    heard anyone say to leave it to dry for a minute. This makes so much sense.
    Whenever I try and do it, I end up with concealer halfway down my face and
    it looks awful. I am very excited to try this, thank you!

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