Eye Serums That Work

In this video, I teach you how to make homemade face and eye serums from all-natural ingredients. You’ll know exactly what is going into your product, and you’ll reap the benefits of nature’s potent ingredients.

I have oily/combination, acne-prone skin, so the oils I chose are suited to my skin type. Your skin may require alternate oils, but this tutorial is a good starting ground for finding a serum recipe that works for you.

For the facial serum, I use 4 tablespoons of carrier oils with 24 drops of essential oils, and I use 2 tablespoons of carrier oils with 10 drops of essential oils for the eye serum. You can use more drops of essential oils for a more potent blend, but I stay on the light side since I am trying to conceive and don’t want too strong of a formula. If you’re wary of the essential oils, you can even eliminate them and just use the carrier oils, and they’ll provide a lot of moisture and benefits on their own.

Purchasing all the materials required may be an investment at first, but the ingredients, especially the essential oils, will last you a very long time and will make several batches of the serums. Your cost per use will be significantly lower than store-bought products. Also, if you’re wary of the cost of some of the ingredients, go for the less expensive oils. Grapeseed oil is great in serums, and it is very inexpensive. I believe the bottle I show in the video only cost me , and it is quite a large size. If you want to use avocado oil for a more dense formulation, you only need just a tiny bit, and the small bottle I bought was only a few dollars at the drug store. Also, some essential oils, including orange and lavender, tend to be very inexpensive, so it’s easy to make serums on a budget.

Why I chose…
Almond Oil: very moisturizing, but doesn’t clog pores
Avocado Oil: easily absorbed into skin, and naturally increases collagen in the skin
Grapeseed Oil: naturally tones the skin, contains powerful antioxidants, and works great for acne
Jojoba Oil: helps break down sebum in clogged pores, and rejuvenates skin
Frankincense Essential Oil: regenerative properties help diminish blemishes and scars
Lavender Essential Oil: helps reduce scarring, and is very calming (Spike Lavender is NOT recommended during pregnancy, but tradition Lavender is considered safe)
Rose Water Concentrate: helps reduce appearance of blood vessels beneath the skin (you can see them under my eyes because my skin is so fair), reduces puffiness, and helps fight against wrinkles
Sandlewood Essential Oil: toning effect helps fight oily skin, helps heal and prevent scarring, and has anti-inflammatory properties
Vitamin E Oil: has soothing effects, and helps plump crow’s feet and fine lines around eyes

Safe Skin Care during Pregnancy:


Information about Carrier Oils: http://naturalfacialrecipes.homestead.com/carrieroilprofiles.html

Information about Essential Oils:


Essential Oils and Pregnancy:



Some sources will vary in what they believe is safe/unsafe, so remember to consult a midwife or aromatherapist, if necessary. Always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil. Based on my research, as long as you dilute and use only externally (never internally), there are certain essential oils that are generally considered pregnancy-safe and may actually help during pregnancy.

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  1. pastelbambi says

    Great video Jessica! You look gorgeous too, the lighting is great. I never
    really thought about DIY skin care before so this was such an eye opener,
    it’s so great that you can customise it to work for your own skin type and
    specific issues, and serums are do expensive so I may have to try this!
    Putting oil on my skin scares me because I have oily skin already but I
    guess it’s fine at night, I need to face the fear! Xxx

  2. TheWomanAlive says

    Very cool! I would love to hear your facial care routine. I have always
    battled breakouts and now I’m 30 and I want to combat aging as well.

  3. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    The facial serum has kind of a sweet, earthy fragrance, and the eye serum
    has a subtle floral fragrance. Nothing too strong or overwhelming, though,
    but I’m sure that depends on the concentration of essential oils you use.

  4. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    Thank you, lovey! Nature’s lighting was definitely helping me out! Haha! I
    have oily/combination skin, but this has seemed to help get that under
    control more than anything, to be honest. You need just the tiniest amount
    - only about three or so drops from the dropper, and the oils just kind of
    melt into your skin. There’s a little bit of a sheen left, but it usually
    sinks in by the time I wake up in the morning, and my skin is left soft and
    feeling refreshed. :)

  5. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    Great! I’ll have to put that on my list of future videos. :) I always
    thought my skin was pretty decent…until I got off birth control a little
    over a year ago! I guess it was regulating my hormones, and thus
    controlling my acne for years, and I just thought I had good skin. I’ve
    done a lot of work to figure out what will work with my skin, and I think
    I’ve finally fallen into a routine that I really like. I’m concerned about
    anti-aging as well as keeping my acne under control.

  6. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    I just looked, and it’s only $4.69 at drugstore[dot]com! That’s quite a bit
    less than what I paid at Central Market! And I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

  7. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    Thanks! It’s a borrowed idea that I did some research on, but it’s fun to
    make your own products! Btw – I’m 3 dpo. Where are you at, twinsie? :)

  8. ProjectBIB says

    This is such a great video Jessica, very informative! When I found out that
    I had Endo (over a year now) I choose to live a more natural lifestyle. I
    started out eating organically, and now I am starting to swtich over to
    more natural beauty products. There has been alot of trial and error, esp
    with deorderants! lol I love the idea of making your own face products and
    I have almost the skin same skin type as you, combo/acne prone skin. I’m
    currently searching for a great natural body lotion hehe

  9. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    Thanks!! I use body butter and lotions from Andalou Naturals. I found them
    at Ross, if you can believe that, but I’m pretty impressed with their
    ingredients! You can buy their products online, too, but of course they’re
    a little more pricey that way. I’m no expert, but I keep trying to learn
    about going more natural and toxic-free. I plan on doing a video soon on
    how I shop for natural and non-toxic products on the cheap! Let me know if
    you try a serum and what you think of it!

  10. ProjectBIB says

    Oh! I totally know Andalou Naturals! I was checking out their products (or
    I should rather say, sniffing their products) at a health store that Jason
    and I get our vitamins and other organic stuff. :) Not sure what store Ross
    is b/c I live in Canada! (hehehe) But I love Target!! (lol) Looking forward
    to watching that video girl! I actually just bought an amazing natural
    deodorant cream online by soap*walla that seriously works!

  11. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    Ross is a discount store in the U.S., so I got the Andalou Naturals
    products for like 70% off. I would totally pay full price for their body
    butters though – they’re super thick and ultra moisturizing, so I highly
    recommend them! What is the deodorant called? I use a sea salt based one
    that I like for everyday wear, but could use something a little stronger
    for workouts and hot Texas days when I sweat a lot! lol

  12. ProjectBIB says

    Wow! 70% off is a steal girl! I am going to totally check out their body
    butters! The name if the deoderant is by Soap*Walla and it is a deoderant
    cream which runs at $12 US. I have to order this product online as it is
    very hard to find this deoderant in Canada! I seriously reconmend it. Since
    it is a cream deoderant you do have to apply it using your fingers, which I
    have no problem doing that! It does contain tea-tree oil…that’s the only
    thing (as I too am trying to stay away from tt oil).

  13. Olena Pochekaylo says

    Hi, thank you very much for the videos, can you tell me the results of your
    eyes serum? Did you see any change? I heard that grapeseed oil helps to
    reduce appearance of wrinkles, did you have that affect? thanks!

  14. Jessica TheMommyArchives says

    Hi! I don’t really deal with wrinkles at the moment, so I use it as more of
    a preventative thing. It was extremely moisturizing, though, and grapeseed
    oil is a known natural toner. I do deal with dark circles, and I didn’t
    really notice any change there. Then again, I wasn’t really expecting to.

  15. lilybeans21 says

    how are these serums working out for you now? I’m always trying out new
    oils, avocado tonight for the first time. :)

  16. sk8erconster says

    Jessica, I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for doing all you can to
    take care of your pregnancy the next time around. I’ve never been pregnant
    and don’t plan on it yet, but I’m terrified due to my disease. I have
    Celiac Disease which means I can’t eat foods with gluten, and all Celiacs
    are at risk for infertility, miscarriage and still borns. I’m glad to know
    that there are still people out there that take care of themselves due to
    not only for the sake of them but for their babies. Too many people don’t
    care what they do, they’ll eat, drink and use what they want for selfish
    reasons. You’re beautiful :) Also, thanks for the video on how to make an
    excellent product for yourself. Doing all I can to go chemical free one
    step at a time. 

  17. Fresh From Garden says

    Do you have good recipe for men over 50 years old :) perhaps?
    Nice video and good information.

    Also can you give feed back of the serum you have been using on how
    effective they are. 

  18. Eileen Summerville says

    Jessica, I am so glad to see such a young person interested in good face
    oils. You should check out Lotioncrafter.com and Rose Mountain Herbs. I
    have used grape seed oil mixed with Vitamin E Oil for thirty years now.
    Recently I have branched out into using carrier oils and essential oils.
    I appreciate that you are doing research. These oils have been used for
    thousands of years on skin. I am sure Cleopatra must have used them also.
    Be sure to wet your skin some before you apply the oils. Apply it to wet
    skin. The water acts as a carrier for the oil to penetrate your skin. At
    the moment I am trying to figure out a good oil to use on y eyelashes at
    night. Castor, Avacado, Coconut have made my very sensitive blue eyes
    irritated badly. Last night I tried straight Argan Oil and it did not seem
    to irritate my eyes this morning. If you have any suggestions on this I
    would appreciate having them. I am now fixing to make a good oil mixture
    to remove makeup. Check out Lotioncrafter (Formulatiions). She is very
    knowledgeable. I am not that crazy for coconut oil. If you have not tried
    Ylang Ylang put a few drops into your oil mix the next time. It is
    heavenly. Eileen Summerville