1. Cecilia Hernandez says

    It’s not a good idea to use vitamin E during the day when u will be under
    the sun. It will create dark spots. Vitamin E should be applied at night.
    Thanks for this video. Will definitely try this at home :)!!!

  2. locus jhon says

    Hi guys I use this DIY and I got ALLERGY all over my face. T.T Please I
    need answer why this happen to me I mean all my face became like burn I put
    ice over it to reduce tha. In the first days I notice wonder results after
    that I use face wash from nutergena for oily skin morning and night then
    OMG I wake up and my eyes were in truble case. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE FARAH I’M

  3. leila roberts says

    Thanks Farah love your videos and your skin is gorgeous! Iv got a great DIY
    Wrinkle cream recipe using DMAE please check it out on my channel if you
    get the chance. Thanks leila:)

  4. Banderuola66 says

    I sure will try this out !!! Thank You very much for this video !!!
    Just one question….if I do not use it all, do I have to keep it in the
    fridge and for how long is the mixture usable ?

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