Eye Cream Buying Guide

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  1. latinagirly1 says

    I used this before & never got any red bumps. However, my lines under my
    eyes & my bags seemed to get worse. :/ I now use garnier roller concealer.
    It works awesome for me. I haven’t found a night cream yet tho. Good luck :D

  2. rmmahal says

    I had found a sample size of this at CVS and tried it. I have super
    sensitive skin and it burned like crazy but I used it for like 2 weeks and
    the burning went away but it made little with bumps under my eyes and what
    is really wierd I got a dry patch under my eye where I would place it. so
    yeah…no bueno for me.

  3. jason kulesza says

    why would it work on someone else’s eyes? It’s scientifically screwing up
    your eyes. I have horrible black circles under my eyes, i’m a dude so I
    just wear my glasses to cover it up. I can’t believe you were taking
    allergy medicine, talk about denial ahahhahahaha

  4. ZOmBieZ076 says

    i started using it 2 days ago and im starting to see the red bumps but they
    dont burn or anything. maybe cause i bearly started using it

  5. luxxeey says

    I just bought it at Kmart for $6. Hopefully I don’t get red bumps. Thank u
    for the review.

  6. Logan Carpenter says

    this stuff is awesome, however i dont know why it stayed white under your
    eyes and is flaking?? Maybe your skin just isnt taking to the formula.

  7. Divamama1974 says

    Ironically, I started searching for reviews on this product after noticing
    that my dark circles started to get worse. Thanks for validating that I was
    not going crazy. I’m throwing mine away.