Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

How to get rid of dark circles. Reducing bags and puffiness under your eyes is easier than you think and doesn’t require you to buy expensive creams and serums! Here are some of my best recommendations for ways to reduce the appearance of bags and puffiness under your eyes!

To get rid of dark circles, try a liquid concealer dabbed on the dark areas, and get more sleep!

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  1. elitedonk says

    Forget that shit, it’s all in the diet. Load up your diet with many
    different fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water, exercise and plenty
    of rest.

  2. GUNCHEE CHEE says

    i have sleeping issue i stay awake for 3 days so far cant sleep not proud
    thing but i cant help and talha ahmad khan below shut up and grow up were
    all different

  3. Jamie Case says

    4:28 ‘These things may not have alot of benefit in terms of reducing the
    under-eye bags and dark circles, but at least you’ll feel nice while you’re
    doing it’ – !!!

  4. Ivan Ivković says

    Exercise in the morning, cold shower, swimming, generally exposing your
    eyes to cold (increases bloodflow), losing weight (gravity makes our fat

  5. Darky R says

    I’m confused, in the end you said to get rid of the dark circles you use a
    concealer on the dark areas, is this the only way or are the products you
    described in the video valid aswell?

  6. Christina Cherry says

    For dark circles I use either a yellow based concealer since the circles
    have a purple tint OR a liquid concealer I got from Bare Minerals called
    “Stroke of Light” then I set that with their powder eye brightener called
    “Well rested.” Works great for me. :))

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