Puffiness Under Eyes

The products I’ve used in the film are:

Clinique – Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream: http://lisae.me.uk/21011-21005
Garnier – Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1: http://lisae.me.uk/21009-21005
Origins – GinZing Eye Cream: http://lisae.me.uk/21012-21005

Watch this video on my site http://www.lisae.me.uk/21005 for product links, tips and more info.

The second film concerning problems in the delicate under eye area covers some of the causes and treatments available to help with bags and puffiness.
Please see the information box underneath the previous ‘Dark Circles’ video for more info. Hope you find it useful X

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I cant guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself and my clients but everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.


  1. Sheridan Whiteside says

    Lisa, fascinating stuff, I’m a guy in my late 40′s , and great advice here
    for anyone. My Doctor has referred my to a Plastic Surgeon as my upper
    eyelids have drooped, and are causing problems with my eye sight, he asked
    If anything else was concerning me, I was to embarrassed to say that I
    wouldn’t mind the bags underneath being done

  2. McKenzie P says

    both explanations work! Obviously, yours is correct. But I think Mike Bell
    was trying to basically explain how too much moisturizing can make the skin
    expand, bloat.

  3. SwellNoMore says

    You should also try Swellnomore – a proven pill that treats Puffy Eyes and
    Bloated Face Within 1 Day, Naturally! It’s a Potent and Powerful Dietary
    Supplement that Releases Facial Fluids and Relieves inflammation fast.

  4. 1sumeyye says

    Even with primer around my eyes, the concealer creases and folds when I
    smile. Would you please recommend a concealer which doesn’t or won’t crease
    as much. Thank you so much. I would really appreciate it. Merry Christmas
    and happy new year to you.lots of love!!!

  5. Lesley1000 says

    I have this and my mum had it. It sounds gross talking about sagging fat!!
    It really gets on my nerves when some people never get puffiness no matter
    what they do. Mine definitely used to get really bad period my time of the
    month if I didn’t use a lot of of concealer, more the dark circles than

  6. *Beautiful You* says

    So glad I came across this, my bags are from everything you mentioned. I am
    taking my health back and as I get into my mid fifties I want to look my
    best. Love your vids.

  7. t gabor says

    thank you very much, Lisa. when i had an allergic period, all eye creams
    burnt my eye area, even the hypoallergenic ones, pure extra virgin coconut
    oil and avocado oil have worked wonders, took away the dehydration and
    constant itchiness! both are anti-wrinke treatments and by the next morning
    rashes/akne/redness/skin inflammation are also reduced.

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