Bad Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Hollywood is famous for beautiful people, and sometimes stars go too far in trying to stay hot. Enter cosmetic surgery and doctors that are as ambitious as their celebrity clientele.

To talk about what is reasonable cosmetic surgery and procedures, and what stars have lost their defining characteristics to botox and implants, we talk with Dr. Ilya Reyter. We name names, from Madonna and Lara Flynn Boyle to Kenny Rogers, and get an understanding of the vital proportions and features that our brains come to understand as attractive or deformed.

Dr. Ilya Reyter is a leader in his field of dermatology and dermatologic surgery. A pioneer in facial volume restoration using fat transfer and fillers, Dr. Reyter has received acclaim for his work at the University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of Medicine. In his private practice, Dr. Reyter specializes in all aspects of dermatology and cosmetic surgery, laser surgery, liposuction, Mohs surgery/skin cancer surgery and reconstruction, and the evaluation and treatment of sun damage and photoaging using resurfacing lasers, fat transfer, Botox, and soft tissue fillers.
Dr. Reyter is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Dermatology at USC. As part of his faculty work, Dr. Reyter developed a pioneering lipodystrophy program to help patients fight the disfiguring side-effects of facial fat and volume loss. In this program, Dr. Reyter trains physicians to effectively treat facial fat loss, which often occurs in aging, but can be accelerated by certain diseases, such as HIV. Using advanced techniques to harvest and transfer a patient’s own fat, Dr. Reyter can reverse the sunken, atrophied facial features that are so difficult to treat by any other means.


00:01 Coming up on Media Mayhem
00:39 Show opening.
01:41 Introducing Dr.Reyter.
04:01 The social construct of beauty and oversexualization.
09:24 The FDA approval requirements for fillers and “devices,” vs. medicine.
11:02 Madonna and fullness vs. tightness.
13:11 How a face looks to a ‘novice’ observer–facial proportions.
14:48 A natural looking loss of volume in the face.
16:45 The Hollywood pressure to remain “youthful,” and A-list clientele pressures.
19:08 The ethics of cosmetic surgery- “A tough call.”
20:53 Celebrity doctors with “loose lips,” and how word gets around.
23:20 Where do the notions of beauty come from today?
26:40 Assuaging a husbands concerns about his wife’s procedure.
28:05 The bi-coastal giant-lip exchange.
29:55 Do repeat procedures become a compulsive and destructive force?
34:40 Going through some photos–”What did they have done?”
35:19 Lindsay Lohan and distorted proportions making someone look prematurely old.
36:58 The three things that age the face prematurely.
37:46 Lara Flynn Boyle and the proportions of beauty.
40:01 The power of marketing and the cosmetic surgery industry.
41:41 The origin of Botox, and it’s impact.
42:41 Men and cosmetic procedure–Kenny Rogers looking feminized .
44:49 People who go for the “un-natural” look and the doctors that don’t say ‘no.’
45:58 Western societies perception of handsomeness vs. non-western society.
49:38 Dr. Reyter’s male patients and trends of procedures.
52:07 Teenagers getting cosmetic procedures.
58:10 Thanks and Goodbye!


  1. hohaia rangi says

    I think we are in agreement. “Blame it all on men” was an attempt at irony.
    The Naomi Wolfe book that was used as a reference, which in essence blames
    men for women turning to plastic surgery to change their appearance. That
    is the horse shit.

  2. juliact says

    What about people like Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer who seem to
    have naturally larger upper lips? They are often on ‘most beautiful
    people’. I remember Pfeiffer saying she got teased about her lips as a

  3. finn6861 says

    Nutshell-We need to stop thinking about the life phase of aging as
    “disfiguring”.Yes we’d like to look our best-but that means looking our
    best for the age we are in-Not trying to look an age we are not,which is
    the goal of so many. Acceptance of the look of age appropriate health
    should be the goal.The reality of intrinsic aging is something that
    cosmetic surgery cannot change and is what contributes to the sometimes
    bizarre look achieved after repeated surgeries.Am I against surgery to

  4. Bobby Collins says

    these people are retarded.. if people want to be disproportionate let
    them.. what is right and what is wrong? just promote that you do ‘natural’
    surgeries for people wanting tweaking and refreshing..

  5. mixymonroe says

    As a women…sorry to say but men do and have played a part on the standard
    of beauty..for example a guy sees a girl with a small chest and what does
    MOST not all guys say SHES FLAT chested…..what does she do? Get surgery
    and then shes still criticized for getting surgery in the first place at
    the same time WOMEN need to stand up for themselves and stop comparing each
    other everyone is and will be different it is called SELF ESTEEM no one can
    give it to you

  6. saurabh sehgal says

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  7. bijaya khuli says

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would lose weight with Fat Blast
    Furnace, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Fat Blast
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