Eyelid Surgery


New York Eyelid Plastic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad performs cosmetic eyelid surgery for patient. This eyelid surgery patient shares her unique experience with blepharoplasty by the top doctor for the procedure. See her just 4 days after eyelid surgery back to her normal daily routine. She shares her before and after photo of upper eyelids surgery a month and a half later with quick recovery eyelift surgery performed under local anesthesia. See the difference eyelid surgery makes for her tired looking upper eyelids. Excess skin on upper eyelids was surgically removed by Dr. Prasad in his New York office.

Make your consultation appointment for eyelid surgery in Manhattan (New York) or Garden City (Long Island) with Amiya Prasad MD. Call 212-265-8877 for your eyelift.

Dr. Prasad’s super-specialy is surgery of the eyes. He is board certified in Facial Cosmetic Surgery by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and a fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS). His plastic surgery offices in New York City and Long Island are accredited by the Joint Commission.

Dr. Prasad is the author of his cosmetic surgery guide “The Fine Art of Looking Younger”. Read Chapter 6 of or more on eyelid surgery blepharoplasty as Dr. Prasad helps his readers understand what is eyelid surgery. Available for purchase on Amazon: http://prasadcosmeticsurgery.com/dr-prasad/the-fine-art-of-looking-younger/


  1. Prasad Cosmetic Surgery & Medi-Spa (Long Island) says

    Watch an exclusive video on Eyelift Surgery by Dr. Amiya Prasad,
    super-specialtist of eyelift in New York.

  2. Prasad Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Restoration says

    Watch a patient’s journey of Before & After: Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Amiya
    Prasad in New York. See her before eyelift and 45 days after the

  3. singingmadre says

    Hello Doctor,I viewed your video,and might I say bravo,anyway I viewed this
    video and spoke my to my plastic surgeon about what you said about the line
    on the lid where you cut and you can tell women that have eye jobs cause
    the line on the lid goes out.I was concerned about that and my doctor said
    he has to go little outside of the lid cause I would get “hooding” with the
    lid…whats your opinion,on some patients is it necessary? And with upper
    and lower surgery how long is recovery?

  4. Annabells117 says

    For those nearby in NYC what is the rate of this procedure? Also is the
    cost the same for someone with Asian eyelid shape or needing fat removed vs
    someone with just hooded skin

  5. Amiya Prasad, M.D. says

    Hi Annabells, Sounds like you need a very customized procedure. It is best
    to contact my office (details can be found in the videos, or in the
    channel) so we can have an examination to determine the exact cost. Thanks
    for watching the video, and I hope you were able to learn from it!

  6. holdem5180 says

    well I don’t know much but I see no difference but if it feels better then
    good for you

  7. holdem5180 says

    wow I wish you did my brow the doc who did my right sagging brow made my
    eyes uneven a lot and I am sick to my stomac cause I didn’t even go in for
    my eyes cause they were fine till now…

  8. Camille Kleparek says

    It’s nice to see this done on someone younger. I’m in my 20′s and have
    decided to have this done. It’s nice to see someone of a comparable age and
    what my results might be.

  9. Marsha Mendez says

    Dr of Prasad, I am really hoping to get a response to this message. At the
    age of about 3 I lost sight in my left eye, In my teenage years I was hit
    in that eye with a ball which cause significant droopiness of that eyelid,
    while I am not hoping to regain eyesight in the eye, cosmetically I really
    would like to have something done with the eye to improve its appearance,
    and I really like to get feedback on where do I go from here.

  10. Naidalis1 says

    The pics do her no justice. She looks way better in the video talking. Her
    lids look amazing.

  11. Amiya Prasad, M.D. says

    Hi Marsha Mendez,

    Thank you for your question. I would be able to assist you but I would need
    to do a proper examination. Contact our office if you would like to arrange
    a consultation.

  12. kadi diwup says

    Dear Doctor,
    i have ptosis on my left eye since birth (2-4 mm) due to the marcus gunn
    syndrome that i have. id like to get rid of the ptosis ,since the other
    thing the winking, is more complicate to eliminate surgical as i heard. My
    question is,could the ptosis be repaired in my case? would the winking
    show after the operation more bold? thank you in advance….

  13. AI S says

    I am male Asian – so i am prone to getting heavy pigmentation around the
    eyes is there a procedure for this?. I have small eyes literally is there a
    anyway surgery would enhance them in any wa

  14. Tabatha Lovell says

    I desperately need this surgery! One of my eyes is more hooded than the
    other makes it incredibly hard to do my eye makeup)-: they’re hooded and
    they droop downward on the outside edges. 

  15. eli76ful says

    Hi Dr Prasad, I have quite puffy heavy upper lids. My eyes are basically
    like those of Jeniffer Lawrence, almost slightly asian looking for a
    caucasian which I like, but I wish to have the puffiness removed which I
    feel makes me look very tired and older. The puffiness is hereditary so a
    few in my family have the same issue. Can this be resolved through surgery
    to result in a slightly more open and refreshed look at the same time as
    maintaining the unique asian look my eyes have?

  16. Susan James says

    Great video. Results were great. I’m about to have this surgery along with
    a brow lift. I’m excited.