1. 05kennyful says

    she looks absolutely horrible. if a person has self-esteem issues, they
    should go about fixing the inside, NOT the outside. the face looks
    different but the issues are probably still there, so wats the point? :(

  2. martinaee says

    It’s sad because the people who actually thought she was pretty before were
    the ones watching her through a glass lens. The ACTUAL people in her life
    brought her to the point of totally fucking herself up. Seriously.. she
    looks so much older and faker and not even in a hot slutty way.

  3. ChocoDoll92 says

    For the longest, The Hills was always speculated to be fake and scripted
    (and to a point it maybe true) but this scene stands out to be one of the
    most real and honest moments in the shows history.

  4. schlummieleinchen1 says

    Poor Heidi. She should have left well enough alone. Blessed with natural
    beauty, she had to go out and gamble away the perfectly fine hand she had
    been dealt. Someone must have told her she needed to lose 10 pounds fast,
    so she went for the obvious easy solution. People who talk you into
    needless artificial “adjustments” are not your friends.

  5. KidsWithGuns1992 says

    Although Heidi shits me she is clearly a victim to her boyfriend’s
    psychotic mentality. She was obviously very self conscious before (anyone
    who does that to their face has to be) but dating that fucking insane dude
    Spencer she’s ruined her life. She wanted to have kids, she didn’t want to
    move out cause she wanted to work/study and he took all those things away
    from her.

    She’s entirely brainwashed because of her stupidity and self consciousness.

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