1. Huvah Gainz says

    Personally i feel like plastic inside a human body is a bit too wrong. It
    makes me sick in the stomach and is such a turn off. I cant believe this
    dude put plastic instead of the muscle, hes a waste of oxygen. That girl is
    disqusting, im really sick now. :@

  2. WorkOverTime says

    Well…those are their bodies and they can change them how they want. I’m
    glad I’m not either one of them though. lol

  3. brunetteAngie says

    Ok, so she lost quality life for big breast…. wouldnt be my choice but
    whatever.. I have big breast so i know it can be difficult but would i
    enlarge them even more? NO! Most men do not like breast that are so big the
    girl is disabled. What is it that makes her risk her quality of life for
    even bigger breast… SMH

  4. 300tunes says

    That guy looking like a cheap Chinese knock of version of Ryan Seacress,
    and to tell you the truth… He kinda scares me. 

  5. Kelline Pickett says

    Luckily we all get to choose for ourselves what we want to look like so the
    only opinions that matter about these folks are their own opinions, which
    is why I feel completely free to tell them both that they look like shit!
    One of you looks a mutant lady man, the other looks she’s carrying her
    husband’s extra bowling balls around on her chest, and you both look like
    freaking mackerels! Congratulations!

    This is all fine and good if this is what they choose to do, but for the
    boob-addicted mother, this is despicable. She has a son who shouldn’t be
    seeing his mother as a sex object, however she’s cultivating an appearance
    that has everything to do with being a sex object. She has no idea the
    repercussions this *could* have on her son. Boys grow up needing to see
    their mothers as clean saintly women. The majority of young men don’t even
    like to think of their mothers having sex, let alone see them walk around
    in front of them with boobs so huge they can’t be hidden. At the very least
    she could try not to idolize them so much in front of him.

    Her daughter, well she just seems terribly close to having a freak out.
    Teen girls take things like parents embarrassing them very seriously, it’s
    the end of the world when a teen girl’s mother embarrasses her. Imagine how
    this must be for her, especially knowing she’s voiced her concerns and her
    mother behaves as if her tits mean more than that child ever will. When the
    girl made reference to her mother’s showing off in public and said, *”It’s
    annoying,”* she really meant, “humiliating.”

  6. NicoleNavarrette says

    The human ken disturbs me. I don’t know about you..
    Instead of wasting your money and being lazy. Why not work out and be

    “Married at 16… ” Did I hear that right?

  7. Micah Trill says

    i think that the day she “settles down” she should get like extreme breast
    DEcreases so theyre SMALLER.

  8. Kinqmar says

    Ok wtf, first lets start off with the guy. He looks nothing like ken at
    all. and if you would look at the doll he doesnt have strong cheekbones at
    all.. 2nd if his nose was too big he couldve gotten nose reduction surgery
    which is less invasive and you wont end up looking like latoya (the
    jacksons) the guy looked a bit like the doll before all of that. All he
    needed was a new haircut, and some weights. Second. The lady is in her late
    40s. Restaraunt hookering days are over. And her boobs are causing her
    problems. Why the hell would you go from a TRIPLE LLL to TRIPLE NNN.
    Nothing is sexy or appealing about oversized tits. 

  9. Tara Liu says

    for face we all born this way,, so if someone want to look more better its
    okey,,, but body we can work it out by exercise 

  10. mangaas says

    Wow, that first guy Justin, when you see his youthfull pictures before
    surgery…. he’s actually a young handsome guy. And he went and fucked
    himself up and turned himself into a cartoon. And in another 10 years,
    he’ll look worse. Nothing beats aging naturally.

  11. sean Pejvak says

    Why having plastic surgery and spend lots of money. You don’t know what
    happening in the long run.