Cosmetic Facelift Surgery

Joe Niamtu, III DMD of Richmond, Virginia ( demonstrates CO2 laser resurfacing with simultaneous facelift for Cosmetic Surgery Times Magazine.


  1. Vanusa Ribeiro says

    Very interesting! I would like to have money to do that! I love you Dr.

  2. Joe Niamtu says

    Impossible to say without evaluation you. I can only do laser on light
    skin, not sure what nationality you are Alban. Dr. Joe :)

  3. JustMe says

    Thank you for changing my mind about getting a facelift and/or laser
    resurfacing…eeeek! I’ll stick to my TCA acid peels. lol I’d love to
    see an after photo, though. ;) 

  4. Tresha Terrell says

    I wish you were in Tennessee! When I was a child I had a sunburn so severe
    that my eyes swelled shut (this happened twice). Now at 45 my eyelids are
    saggy. I would love to have this done. What is the cost?

  5. Casey Best says

    I am guessing the girl in the background poster came in asking to be made
    to look like Angelina Jolie 

  6. Ashley Autism says

    Oh yes just because it’s like I have a laser in my basement that I can use
    on peoples faces

  7. Yves Nicol Baron says

    WOW Dr. Joe Niamtu you really did a good job♥ i love this treatment hope i
    can afford this…

  8. Vanity Lane says

    Amazing work doctor. Facelifts are tricky and im sure this patient will
    have amazing results. Thank you for sharing:)

  9. TheMiatokiohotel says

    Great job. I think this is quite complicated. :) Can you suggest me the
    best laser for acne scars and hyper pigmentation,I’m 18,so I don’t know if
    it’s smart for me to go on a laser treatment after accutane. :)

  10. Barbie says

    Hi Dr kinda have 2 black lines in the side of my mouth like two black lines
    I’m suffering I tried the crystal treatment an fit didn’t worked what u
    think should I do pleas help thank u ❤️