Face Lift

Anyone looking for a procedure that will provide a more youthful appearance without looking fake or mask-like, the minimally invasive Mini Lift is a perfect option to consider. The Fractora treatments are safe and cost less than surgery. One may go back to work right after this treatment while surgery mandates weeks of downtime. The Fractora is a great choice for a younger, more rested look without the risks of surgery.
• Non-invasive and non-surgical
• Treatment takes 30-60 minutes
• Results are instant and lasting

Dr. Simon Ourian goes on My FOX LA to show off a new alternative to the traditional facelift procedure. For more information on Fractora please visit www.invasix.com


  1. GigiGigiK says

    Did you have this done by him at his clinic in LA?.. I had read a few bad
    reviews about him…that he spends no time..and takes the money and runs.
    Please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Tariq Albinkhalil says

    أهم شي القناعة والرضى بالحال. وأهم شي حيوية الانسان .. فقد تجد انسان بعمر
    صغير الا أنه كالعجوز

  3. fitdoc says

    I perform Fractora and Fractora Firm in my practice in Eugene, Oregon.
    Currently, there is only one practice in the state of Oregon offering the

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