1. lindalovesmusic1 says

    This is a fascinating video. I can feel such a difference when I’m done and
    this seems so much more logical than facial exercises. Thank you so much
    for sharing this technique. It is also very relaxing, which is very good
    for overall health.

  2. BlondeBloodyMary says

    +Loriejoy Santiago
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  3. Sheila Ingram says

    OMG I REMEMBER THESE FROM YEARS AGO, when i had sky tv, but since then, the
    channel was discontinued , is there a way to mute the music, that would be
    more relaxing

  4. verygaryshow says

    I’m confused, I thought face exercises like this PLUMP your face? Now you
    are saying it THINS IT?Sorry, not trying to be mean, but I think they are
    all a joke. 

  5. alex santiago says

    Thanks for this! I did it with you and now I know what to do. Its really
    simple too. And the music made me sleepy now. Hope this works! Thanks

  6. Laurel Mchenry says

    I do most of these when I wash my face to make sure I really clean it and
    when I put lotion on afterwards. No wonder I have a slim face. That is
    really amazing <3

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