Bad Plastic Surgery Procedure

Dr Barnouti, Specialist Plastic Surgeon performing best Nose Job, Rhinoplasty, in Sydney, Chatswood & Parramatta. Rhinoplasty Excellence. Also known as nose job, is a surgical procedure to improve the size & shape of the nose.


  1. Nyanya Chub Chub says

    oh my gosh!!! I’ve changed my mind about plastic surgery on my nose :( this
    is too scary ;’( i’m good with whatever look on my face. not that please :(

  2. KaycieThe Esthe says

    Awesome video. Can’t wait to finish school and with at a plastics office!!!!

  3. Alice Lee says

    I actually woke up at the last stage of sewing up my nose.. lol nose job
    wasn’t painful for me at all!

  4. eclipse572 says

    i always get jealous of some people who become prettier when they get
    plastic surgery. at times i say to myself i’ll save money to also get one.
    until i watch videos like this

  5. Of.Wallflowers says

    They put that stuff of her eyes. I’m not sure what it’s for because I
    haven’t done any research since I like my nose, but they put it there.
    She’s not crying or anything. Not like you’d feel any of that either.