Karen is a 50 year old patient of Dr Andrew Jacono who reviews here facelift surgery and experience with him after 10 years under his care. Facelift surgery before and after photos are included in the video. She explains that she started with fillers and botox to maintain a more youthful appearance in her forties, but decided on a permanent solution that would get her more significant results as she got older. She stresses that her relationship with Dr Jacono made taking this step easy because she never felt pressured, and that they had established a trust over a decade. Her facelift was a mini facelift that allowed her to return to work after a week, with the comments from her colleagues being that she looked refreshed but not altered or “plastic”. The results of her facelift tightened her jowls, neck and cheeks leaving her youthful and natural. She explains how he truly cares about his patients, as does his supportive staff of nurses.

Dr Andrew Jacono employs a mini face lift technique that combines a minimal access hidden short incision often referred to as an S Lift type incision with a deep plane repositioning of the facial muscles, Because the tightening is on the deeper layers the face looks smooth, and the skin does not look tight like most facelifts performed today. His techniques is called a M.A.D.E. facelift or Minimal Access Deep Plane Extended Facelift and was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. He has lectured to surgeons all over the world about this technique, to help create more natural results worldwide. He regularly performs surgery on patients that fly in from all over the United States and all over the world. He is a professor at two medical schools in New York City and an advanced fellowship director for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

To learn more about his NYC office located on 5th Avenue across the street form the Metropolitan Museum of Art Visit or call at (212)570-2500.