Non-surgical Facelift

This pose has been one of my signature poses. I have seen so many changes on so many people’s faces after this pose. The youngest student who was a fashion model and only 16 years old had a dramatic change (to everybody’s surprise including herself! ) This pose is INDEED a quick mini facelift you can do anytime anywhere.

This pose especially works for you if you want to combat;

Drooping eyelids
Tired/sleepy looking eyes
Sagging face line
Longer/deeper nasolabial folds

Whether you are thinking of getting a facelift or not, give this pose a try and see how you like it.

Get Rid of Drooping Eyelids, Tired Eyes, Sagging Face line and Nasolabial Folds with Face Exercise in Record Time

Before we start an actual pose, I want you to take a close look at yourself. Which eyebrow is higher? which eyelid is more droopy? which eye is bigger? which nasolabial fold is deeper/longer? which corner of the mouth is higher? And also check the face line and see which side of your face is much sharper. Different from the body changes which you can easily see, changes in the face are sometimes harder to see. By close observation of your own face, you will feel more in charge of your face and will keep motivation to practice the face exercises.

How you place your fingers is very important for this pose, so watch the video carefully before you do the pose. Until you get used to the pose, you can practice the pose in front of the mirror to make sure your movement is correct.

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Face Yoga
Non Surgical Facelift


  1. Mariana Albu says

    thank you very much I do your exercises i hope to see change . You are so
    nice person it is a joy to see you every day. thanks god bless you

  2. eva daniel says

    Please can you do one of it for v line because only your excercises helps
    not anyone else.:( thankyou..

  3. Tammy D says

    This is my favorite but not sure how to place the fingers so the don’t form
    creases on the sides of my forehead? Help!

  4. Reham Tammam says

    luv you and luv your videos more and more

    thank you froe your awsome efforts

    the nose exercise wored for me and my nose now lokks much better and

  5. boomchikawawa says

    i don’t understand how this stretch would actually cause a lifting of the
    face.. can you please explain why it works?

  6. njdermatologist says

    Face Yoga is something new to me although I can’t deny I was following her
    while watching the video LOL

  7. oriana davila castro says

    ahahahahahahahahaha i wasn’t expecting the tongue out, but many people have
    toldme that it works!

  8. ruzya7 says

    Loving all your videos! Just one question at what age should I start doing
    this? I am 26 years old. Thanx!!!!

  9. Christina Henry says

    lol I made that noise and my husband came running out of the bedroom… he
    thought I was sick and when he saw me he started laughing. LOL I am 60
    and if you can help me you can help anybody… lol