1. Sheila P. says

    Hi..I have a question..say a client has, or wants fillers as well…like
    the liquid facelift? Filler right under the the upper cheeks,
    nasolabial folds, and smile lines..and/or…has botox in the forehead/crows
    feet area? 1. if they already have these two above procedures done, does
    this mircocurrent facelift work, or should it not be done? 2. if they
    WANT a liquid facelift, should they maybe do the micro current facelift
    FIRST, so as to not mess up/melt/move/deflate the filler already there?
    please answer this …I can’t find this answer anywhere…

  2. Micro Skin Care Inc says

    Hi Christy! Thank you for a great presentation and explanation of this
    wonderful treatment. I work with older version of CACI machine and I would
    like to know where can i get the tips for Quick stroke part of the
    treatment-I’m using regular Qtips and also would like to see the E.T.R part
    of the treatment movements. I love to keep in touch with you so if you can
    share your email address it will be a great way stay in touch. I love this
    facial and my clients love the results! Thanks ! Alicja 

  3. Fernanda Smith says

    Hi, I would like to know how much is this machine? and if you have a sales
    representative in Australia? so I can get in contact with them.

  4. Sharleen Nicholson says

    I think this is absolutely fantastic and very informative. I am using a
    much older CACI machine (MK1) and this video has been a great refresher…
    Just wondered … what would the “Gliding” setting be equivilant to on the
    MK1 version … i have the following settings … PULSE, SHARP, MILD AND
    GENTLE which I set manually… Quick Stroke is PULSE on my machine but no
    idea how to do glide phase. would anyone know? Many Thanks x 

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