Bad Plastic Surgery Results

17 Celebrity Before And After Plastic Surgery Disasters
Most people in Hollywood—arguably the most image-conscious place on the planet—have reportedly had some nips and tucks. Even icons like Marilyn Monroe reportedly had a little work done.


But some stars have taken going under the knife way to the extreme and the results aren’t pretty.

These 17 celebrities paid up to million dollars for puffy lips and stretched-out faces. We found some compilation videos on YouTube that showcase the worst of the worst.

There’s one model who’s so puffy from Botox you’ll barely recognize her. Plus, a rock star who barely looks human.

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17 Celebrity Before And After Plastic Surgery Disasters


  1. ISamuelII says

    Who talks them into this, tribal haters that are getting back at them for
    not taking the couch route?

  2. 77chonyc says

    I think out of all the cosmetic surgeries females do, the one that always
    comes out the worst is when they try to plump up the lips. I have yet to
    see one that i liked.

  3. Laura Parker says

    Really! Can someone please tell me if this is a joke and someone is playing
    around with these people’s faces?

  4. PutuPup says

    We need to look at aging in a different way. Society seems to ignore and
    demean the elderly. In past cultures the elderly were respected and
    cherished for their wisdom and experience. Having plastic surgery to try
    and stay young looking is obviously not working. It is dangerous, very
    expensive and shows how shallow we have become as a society. The only time
    I am for plastic surgery is to fix deformities such as clef palate,
    removing tumors or for people who are burn victims etc.
    These ridiculous expectations of what we are supposed to look like need to


  5. legoman42100 says

    There should be horror music not happy music and why would they get plastic
    surgery, stop do body modification you only look the best when you show who
    you really are and not lieing about it!

  6. dont eat animals says

    It’s too bad someone didn’t stop them. Everyone looked better before
    surgery. And please stop with the big lips – what the heck is wrong with
    the lips you have?

  7. Animus Miles-Militis says

    Wasn’t Micky Rouke in a car accident? His surgery wasn’t optional I don’t

  8. Hexus Ziggurat says

    0:21 what is that!?
    0:38 what is that!?
    0:40 balloon lips?!
    0:54 HAHAH I’m calling fake on that!
    1:05 balloon lips agains?
    1:22 that’s a mask right?
    1:27 what’s with those balloon lips?

  9. hidi hidi oh says

    Big lips are so ugly , it looks like the mouth of monster . I think natural
    lips are beautiful 

  10. Annoying toaster says

    Plastic surgery is a disgusting look , i have never understood why people
    do it and i never will . And what is it with the big lip puffer fish look ,
    is that supposed to be good looking ? It looks like exactly what has been
    done , your lips filled with botox. 

  11. Nasim Akhter says

    These ppl look ugly after after surgery. Why would you disfigure yourselves
    like that by ruining gods beautiful creation

  12. S Dunn says

    Some people get plastic surgery because of the cruel things people say
    about their looks. Look at all of the negative comments here. Imagine the
    hurtful things people say before the surgery.