Facelift Before And After

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One of the old dictums in plastic surgery is “replace like with like.” When it comes to facial volume loss, micro fat transfer is the treatment of choice. A gentle liposuction technique is used to prepare the fat for transfer. Then the fat is then injected in the desired portion of the face, using a micro injection technique. This approach allows extremely small parcels of fat to be placed into multiple layers of the face. This maximizes potential survival and allows for optimal aesthetic outcome. In my practice this is done most commonly around the hollows and grooves of the lower eyelid region and cheeks. Another common area is around the mouth and jawline. It can also be done throughout the entire face giving the entire face a natural rejuvenation.

th facelift surgery, technically called “rhytidectomy,” Dr. Karam can rejuvenate the quality and appearance of his patients’ facial skin. With this procedure, fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced or eliminated, helping patients look more refreshed. A facelift can address loose, sagging skin of the:

* Cheeks
* Jaw line
* Neck

However, if you are seeking improvements to your eyes specifically, you may be better-suited for eyelid surgery. During an examination, our San Diego physician can determine which procedure would be most beneficial to you.

Adding volume is the most effective ways of rejuvenating the eyes. The real advantage is that it is non-surgical and highly effective. My first choice for treating the hollows under the eyes is Restylane or Juvederm for mild changes in a younger patient. This technique is used to fill the tear troughs. In patients with more advanced volume loss that extends into the upper cheek region, and beyond the tear troughs, fat transfer is an excellent long term solution. Fat transfer works by restoring the shape and contour of the midface and cheeks. This gives the upper face a much younger appearance without making the person look different. Another advantage of fat transfer is that the results are permanent.


  1. lilisaffron says

    I think she looks better, but might have benefited from a brow lift, her
    brows are really low, her forehead doesn’t match

  2. ilexgp64 says

    I was thinking about this sort of procedure myself, and after watching this
    video my carefully considered response is….AAAAAAAHHH HOLY F*&*NG S%$T!!
    TURN YOUR HEAD TO ONE SIDE???? Do you mean to tell me she was AWAKE???AHHH
    AHHH AHHH!!!

  3. keywestWTF says

    Holy god, she is only under a local. I have had my share of PS, but she is
    pretty damn brave to not have general. wow.

  4. tranquilisolati says

    I’m not sure whether or not to go for it, I’ve been reading up on
    plasticsurgerymadeeasy (.) com

  5. raysydney says

    Too much upper eyelid skin excised ! A common mistake unfortunately due to
    Doctors teaching of blepharoplasty which is based on the wrong beauty
    concept! The rest is fine. That is why she looks better because of the
    rest. But if he kept the upper eyelids skin untouched and put some fat in
    there it to restore volume it would have been perfect! Let’s hope Doctors
    learn to do that

  6. hipretty says

    i always knew there was a scar hidden in front of the ear w/ a facelift but
    OMG what are those stitches right on her face by the temple? 3:05

  7. kapostrophelaymeerow says

    @LaVenenosa13 ahahahah that just sounds wrong in many ways… but i am
    voting up for you :)

  8. Leon Russell says

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    YOUNGER using acupressure and massage regimens.*