Plastic Surgery Disfigurement

Images from Daily Mail via Saigo-Sinopix/Rex Features

A Korean woman now wishes she could have her old face back after ten corrective surgeries failed to reverse her cooking oil injection disaster. She had been addicted to plastic surgery, and was desperate to have smooth skin after being turned down by plastic surgeons.

Also check out the Shar-Pei who received a face-lift:

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  1. ImBossification says

    JEEZUZ! i feel so bad for this woman. But seriously?! foolish move on her

  2. Christine Crayton says

    That is really old news, I did an essay on plastic surgery (including this
    lady) around two years ago..

  3. Mackinley6 says

    True, but the story is trending again now, as cautionary tales often do.

  4. rosy posy says

    if she has had enough money donated for 10 corrective surgery op’s, “I WANT
    MY OLD FACE BACK” UNGRATEFUL woman, well you can’t lovey, can you! you have
    made your face the way it is, mr potato head meddling with play dou, is
    what you have to live with, why not see if can have a face transplant,you
    have the cash that was donated stashed away, so stop whining, put up or
    shut up and for fuck sake, leave the cooking oil where it is, don’t start
    shooting up again!

  5. ChuckTaylormfc05 says

    You show yourself more than the topic. We’re more interested in the topic,
    not you. So stop showing your fucking self.

  6. Jay Ross says

    nothing like an appetizing Mcdonalds commercial right before the video of a
    woman who injected cooking oil into her disfigured face. well played
    mcdonalds… well played.

  7. reymart christian Cruz says

    I remember this in another video about plastic surgery disaster i can’t
    remember what the video was called but anyway someone said inject fucking
    cooking oil!?!?!?!? i laugh so hard and here i am seeing almost the full

  8. The187Killing says

    A lesson in why you should ALWAYS be happy the way you are (I will always
    be free being me !)

  9. BroccoliBeefed says

    Stupid cunt. If she wanted to see what cooking oil would do, all she had to
    do was look at all the obese waddling USA people in the South, who insist
    on deep frying everything in, hmmm, you guessed it, cooking oil