Plastic Surgery Fail

“Kitty is a mega-fan of the spirited, voluptuous Jennifer Lawrence, so much so that she underwent six plastic surgery procedures to carve herself into looking more like the “American Hustle” star.

“I can appreciate that her personality is spunky and fun,” Kitty said. “I can appreciate that her body is banging.”

Call it plastic surgery 2.0., where aspirations to look like a starlet are inspired by personality, good looks and self-empowerment.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Juju Chang and Aude Soichet / WRIC / ABC News:


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  1. Rubashow says

    The plastic surgeon did a fantastic job! You can’t just change peoples
    faces 180°. She looks nothing like Jennifer Laurence but it wasn’t possible
    anyway. After the surgery she still looks natural and she should totally
    run with it. 

  2. Dogoel says

    Really TYT?
    “She looks nothing like Jennifer Lawrence” “This would be called a fail”
    “She’s trying to be someone else” “…she ‘thinks’ she looks like…”

    Is transsexualism considered a body dysmorphic disorder yet?

  3. Michael Da Re says

    Really? This is the best story TYT has to cover.. Don’t they poke fun at
    major news corporations for doing puff pieces. Seriously who cares about
    this.. So what she may not resemble Jennifer Lawerence that much but she
    looks like a normal women still, not a plastic Barbie doll.. This is a
    pretty realistic and good outcome and I’m sure she’s happy with it, so
    calling it a fail is kind of rude, I’m sure if she did look exactly like
    J.Lawerence they would have something else negative to say about this
    girl… Who care!!

  4. MSHK YouTube says

    I prefer to keep myself more or less the same. Being an introvert and
    unaffected by social/fashion trends has its benefits. However, since I live
    in a fantasy land most of the time, I’d also like to be taller by a couple
    of inches and stronger. That has nothing to do with being more attractive.
    Frankly I don’t care about being attractive. It should come as no surprise
    that I wouldn’t think twice if I could trade unlimited power with
    attractiveness any day. Height or probably better word is reach and
    strength certainly can be very beneficial for the purpose of fighting,
    which is something I do desire for myself, which is why I think most
    gangsters, soldiers, cops and martial artists are awesome. In other words,
    I’d love to be like Bruce Lee because of the skills a body like his would
    afford me. Similarly, I’d like to be like Palpatine though only if I can
    have force powers. Perfection is unlimited mental and physical power!

    Attractiveness is only useful for sex. I am certain that if there were
    super villains or super heroes they’d have no problem getting laid.
    Similarly, I don’t know any fat old rich man who can’t get laid.

  5. FreeSudani says

    some people have alot of money and they don’t know what to do with it
    anymore ., 25K just to look like someone on TV??…..that’s really

  6. NINmann01wiiU says

    If she wanted to use her money, who is in a place not to tell her not to
    use it on herself?
    This isn’t the case of someone bribing a politician.
    She is crazy woman who spent her money editing her face.

    It’s astounding that TYT can go from one serious issue/story, then put a
    video out just to point fingers at someone for her own life choices.

    I just think it’s odd.

  7. celticsaldirganlik says

    She looks good, yes. But she had liposuction and fat grafting on her face.
    So she had the fad sucked out and then put back in. Why?

  8. lolpauve says

    TYT criticizes a morning show for a soft Bush interview for “not being
    news” and they do these kinds of stories?

    #onceahypocritealwaysahypocrite #unnecessaryhastag 

  9. Devon Lewis says

    Nice Ana, I remember in previous videos you criticized people for getting
    plastic surgery to look like something that they’re not. Now that you have
    “fixed” your nose, it’s no big deal because it was just bothering you and
    looked too big… Shows how much integrity you really have.

    P.S. The nose looked fine the way it was before…

  10. Scot Watson says

    Women can be truly vain and pathetic. We all have vain streaks in life, but
    women are usually vain for life.

    On another note, I didn’t even know who Jennifer Lawrence was until
    literally the other day. Why does she have an oscar and yet the best actor
    alive today, Leonardo di Caprio, doesn’t.

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