Non Surgical Face Lift

The Brazilian non-surgical facelift can produce significant improvement in the more mature patient (50-65) with moderate midface sagging. The quick recovery makes these patients some of the most enthusiastic for the procedure. When the patient has a considerable amount of redundant skin on the midface or neck area, they probably are better candidates for a traditional surgical face-lift.


  1. jenevajones991 says

    What do they attach the threads too? How long does it last? Do I have to go
    to Brazil to get one?

  2. khumare1 says

    its really useful information and plz if you can give the like for the
    doctor or clinic thankx for uploading

  3. DinamicLizz says

    I had this procedure done for brow lift in Colombia almost 7 yrs ago, n i
    still enjoy the results. I would love to find a Dr. that can give me same
    results here in the US.

  4. Juli Jj says

    I have some questions. How long will this last? What happens upon expiry of
    effectiveness? Is it removable if I change my mind after several months?

  5. sarah sanjose says

    @Bernie There are many people who are interested in having a more youthful
    appearance. This normally involves getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles
    in the face, as well as sagging that happens as we get older. A facelift is
    one of the more common choices, and there are ways that you can have this
    procedure without surgery! Go here ==>