Skin Care


0:00 – 3:28 ➾ History and background of my skin (before picture)
3:28 – 11:14 ➾ first 1/2 of video – 3 actions (not products) that have cleared my skin.
11:14 – end ➾ second 1/2 of video – products that have helped clear/maintain my skin.
11:29 – 14:21 ➾ Cleansers
14:21 – 15:35 ➾ Toner
15:35 – 18:14 ➾ Moisturizers/ Eye Cream
18:14 – 19:32 ➾ Spot Treatments
19:32 – 22:07 ➾ Masks

Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser + Makeup Remover
Dermilogica Special Cleansing Gel
VitaGoods Spin Brush –
Clean N Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Cleanser
Dickinsons Witch Hazel Toner
Simple Light Hydrating Moisturize
Philosophy Hope In A Jar / Lumene Vitamin C+ 24 Hr Lotion
Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Eye Firming Treatment
Clean N Clear Persa-Gel 10 Spot Treatment
Lush Mask of Magnaminty
Freeman Clay Mask Mint & Lemon, Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals

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  1. MDproductionSS says

    I don’t understand people who sleep with their makeup on. When for some
    reason I’ve tried to sleep with my makeup on I have kept waking up in the
    middle of the night cause I feel so uncomfortable, especially because the
    mascara gets into my eyes.. ugh

  2. Sayuri Yang says

    So informative! Thank you for this :) my skin is similar to yours–acne
    prone with annoying break outs but I also have good days. Your skin looks

  3. Ciara Matthews says

    i have dry/combo skin, and a lot of products dry my skin out, would you say
    the lush mask is drying at all cause it kind of sounds like it but i really
    wanna try it?

  4. Laura Black says

    Your skin looks amazing Alison! Great, informative video :) I’d love you to
    check out my channel :) x

  5. Johanna c says

    A tip if you have bacne too: shampoo and condition your hair before you use
    body wash. Shampoo and conditioner can clog your pores!! Dove body wash has
    really improved my bacne. I have sensitive skin and as much as i would love
    to use super fruity body washes, my back will break out and a little on my
    chest as a reaction

  6. chloebradley x says

    the most important thing you can ever do to help your skin is drinking
    enough water, wether its dry or oily, water helps clear, purify and get rid
    of toxins from the body/skin. drink a minimum of 4 glasses a day and you
    will notice the different in your skin within a week

  7. Sally Jo says

    I want that pimple cream and the minty mask now! I am so obsessed with
    masks too! I just ordered the Glam Glow even though it’s friggin
    expensive.. I tried Shannon’s though and was so impressed! It prettymuch
    just sucks the lump out of any breakouts (if that makes sense)! You need it
    in your life hahaha

  8. taylor rogers says

    I started this skin routine the day you posted this video. My skin has
    never looked this good. 

  9. daisy3690 says

    May I recommend that an investment in 5 or 6 pillowcases can be yet another
    step in “passive” assistance to face care? Since I started changing my
    pillowcase each day, I wake up feeling fresher. My sheets get changed about
    twice a week, and bacteria grows fast, so it stands to reason not to put my
    sparkling clean face on a bacteria-laden surface and rub my face all over
    it through the whole night. I love the feel of fresh linen anyway. Thank
    you for the very informative vid. Be well. bye now

  10. jerry saleem says

    please any one told me some tips,that i have on my skin not Acne but spot
    (not black spot)because of hot weather what i should do to remove all spots
    ,,,i not put makeup on my skin i did lot of care after all ,i not take
    spicy food r fried food ,,,i want a flawless and spotless skin ,,please any
    one told me what i should do to remove skin spot 

  11. BiiBiiBeauty says

    You and I have very similar skin! But it is crazy that the Neutrogena
    naturals worked for you! I gained perfect skin for 1 year after horrible
    skin then I used that 4 times and it ruined my face! It took my 7 months to
    heal from all the cystic acne it gave me! :P So weird! However the rest of
    your skincare routine sounds awesome! :D

  12. MissMakeupDarling says

    Is it true that you’re not supposed to wet your face before you apply

  13. Bethany Francia says

    I had a lot of scarring because I never used to apply sunscreen. I’m on the
    pill now. It controlled my hormones, so I don’t get them as much. I still
    get them during that special week of the month. 

  14. Brenda Vu says

    im in Junior year right now and my skin was fine before and now its like

  15. Faizah Hussein says

    Thank you, this video was helpful.. I don’t have obvious problems in my
    face-skin but now I feel really encouraged to use facial-masks haha =)

  16. Shannon Barham says

    ive got exhama and its really hard for me to fit in, i had it since i was
    born could u give me any tips on how to get perfect skin xx

  17. ReadingGalaxy says

    Can I just say youre beautiful in your own skin! Will def. Try some of
    these products although I have oily skin.. I am in loveeeee with your nail
    polish.. what color is it??

  18. Daria Riveron says

    Try to eat healthy (a lot of veggies), stop drinking dairy products, cut on
    wheat products and sweets. It helps a lot! 

  19. galtotheinfinityandbeond says

    We have the same skin( it’s not my best condition right now like it was a
    couple months ago) , but I’m 13 and I had it since I was 10 years old. Hope
    you will be making more videos about it. ILYSM