Anti-wrinkle Product

I just turned 44 a few days ago so it seemed like a good time to talk about al my favorite anti-aging products: Aspirin as an exfoliant, Retinol (RoC and Retin-A), Skin Ceuticals C-E Ferulic,s Lactic acid peel from Makeup Artists Choice and AmLactin. Now go forth and be fabulous at any age!


  1. Peridot500 says

    Mattie, do you like the SkinCeuticals Vitamin C with Pflortein (and I’m
    sure that’s misspelled).?

  2. MattieRobertsShow says

    @Britishbrooke For heavy duty it’s Skin Ceuticals sport and for every day
    it’s Neutrogena Healthy Defense spf 50

  3. Angie Roberts says

    Ok, I just ordered the CE Feralic from skinceuticals. However, I did order
    a retinol 1% fluid from them and it would not dispense. I have to return
    it. They are aware of the packaging issue but so far, they are still using
    the same dispensor that does not work for the product.

  4. MattieRobertsShow says

    @wahopin Good to know. I love the C-E Ferulic! the best retinol for the
    money is from Makeup Artists Choice. it’s also where I get the peels

  5. Roxane Nakamura says

    did you ever order skincare products from ebay, if yes, who would you
    recommend… thanks and gave a great weekend. rox

  6. vena309 says

    Mattie, I just placed an order for my skinceutical phloretine CF, what is
    the difference between the phloretine CF and the C E furolic that you’re
    using? Thank you.

  7. Shape Facepete says

    I am 45 years old and I can’t even recall how many anti aging and face lift
    products i have purchased the last few years until last month when a friend
    of mine referred me to FacialFitness. o r g i discovered an instant Face
    Lift Greek oild serum they have in their webstore, im glad to say every
    time i use i feel like im 25 again.

  8. Annette1030 says

    Just discovered your channel and am LOVING it! So helpful! I’m only 25 but
    you can never start taking care of your skin too soon! Quick tip: Add
    another step! Right after making your aspirin mask, use some baking soda
    and do the same. Sort’ve like buffing your nails using a coarse grit
    sandpaper and following with a finer grit and getting that shine – same
    thing on your face!

  9. Annette1030 says

    Also one more thing – have you ever heard of facial exercises? Cynthia
    Rowland or Carol Maggio? They’re supposed to be a superb alternative to

  10. Kelly Martin says

    Also a new product from loreal is the triple power serum and cream, also
    comes highly recommended and affordable at target

  11. MattieRobertsShow says

    Wow, that’s expensive for shipping. Surely there must be someone in
    Australia that does something similar. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

  12. Jessica Jessi says

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  13. Pamela Payne says

    Mattie, Do you use sunscreen with a primer over it then foundation? Also do
    you put moisturizer over your retinol product at night? Thanks. I am always
    confused about layering products.

  14. GameChanger Stern says

    Restorsea, is the newest and best skin care product on the Market. It
    eliminates age spots, fine lines, and tightens skin..

  15. Bella Rose says

    I couldn’t comment on the foundation vid so I’ll ask my question here.
    Between the Giorgio Armani foundation & Physicians Formula Mineral Wear
    which is better & why? ps Love your readers on that vid. Are those the
    Vixen Cateye ones? What color? pss I did sub ^_^

  16. Gamalie Costel says

    Oh hello! Have you ever tried – Rovolori 97 Minute Week (search on google)?
    Ive heard some interesting things about this way to put breaks on the rapid
    aging process and my sister also got some amazing outcomes with it.