Natural Facelift

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Android App: Follow this video every day for two weeks to see results N.B DON’T OVER EXTEND OR CLENCH THE JAW: there should be no pain or pressure on the main jaw joint, ears or back of the neck.

The film shows the 48-year-old founder of Faceworks, Elaine Bartlett. She has had no cosmetic procedures or surgery. Please check with your GP prior to exercising to ensure these exercises are suitable for you.


  1. Pratima Gurung says

    Can you please make a video on exercise for chubby cheeks as I am skinny &
    its really weird .

  2. Faceworks Natural Facelift says

    No because the movement is gentle and slow, and as you can see, the neck
    isn’t stretched to extremes.

  3. Emma Cant says

    not even joking, just did this for the first time and i already notice a

  4. Faceworks Natural Facelift says

    Hi virginia, You’re right, but we tried to do this and it became confusing
    with the voiceover when it cut in.

  5. Natalie Delgadillo says

    I am extremely interested in purchasing this programs dvd, I went on google
    and searched the site, which I then noticed was here. I tried purchasing
    the program but it didnt allow a buyer from the US, which is where I am
    currently located. I would like to know if I may be redirected to a site
    for US buyers. Ill be awaiting your response, thank you. 

  6. johnburnsmorgan says

    In older people gravity takes effect. The skin drops down from the cheeks
    and it can be seen drooping. Can this exercise help older people? If so,
    how effective is it?

  7. Salah Mahmoud says

    I have a simple question, during rising and lowering 20 times as shown in
    this video, should i raise my lower lip too?

  8. khushideep chander says

    if i want result in 1 week than how many times i have to do this in a day 

  9. 26whosthatgirl says

    How soon can you see results? i’m only 29 and have quite a baggy neck and
    double chin, i’m not over weight.. I hope this works for me.

  10. bw2channel says

    Doing this for over a week now, i’m seeing fine result. This exercise
    actually works!

  11. ahmad khan says

    When we are moving our chin up and down, are we still pushing our jaw

  12. xMakorrax says

    hi i have a question, when i’m at 1:17 and 3:06, should my jaw be “out” or
    should it be as normal?