Brow Lift

Dr. John Martin demonstrates how to perform a temporal brow ptosis repair. This surgery will help to elevate a low temporal brow, and is done behind the hairline so that there is no visible scar.


  1. John Martin says

    @beautyresearch sutures are under the skin, and staples are used to close
    the skin.

  2. ThemTheyHeShe says

    ewww you put your finger in there? … why would you need to put your
    finger? how would you like to put your dick in there while you’re at it?
    yeah give it a quick one while at it

  3. muita marcus says

    Fantastic video Dr Martin. I would really really love to have you operate
    me. I personally agree that just a lateral browlift will give the face a
    more rested and exotic look . I also will like to know what price I should
    expect to pay and what is the recovery time.Thank you