Stressed Skin

I hope that this video is useful to some of you. I have always had very good, blemish-free skin until recently and I’m convinced that my spots were caused by stress and poor diet during the time running up to my MA submission deadline! Trying to reduce your stress levels is difficult, but it’s quite simple to cut out excess sugar from your diet and pare back your skincare routine so that it’s simple but effective. I’ll let you know an update soon!

Products Used:


Melvita Purifying Mask:

Liquid Gold:

Liquid Gold Serum:

NUXE Creme Fraiche de Beaute Light:

Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk:

Clarisonic Mia:

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser:

Decleor Fresh Purifying Gel:

No7 Tinted Moisturiser (Fair/Medium): Boots

Clarins Powder Foundation in Sand:

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  1. Emma McCorry says

    This video couldn’t have came at a better time for me Ruth! I’ve been
    suffering from a bad breakout on my chin lately, its driving me mental and
    I never really had breakouts before!

  2. A Model Recommends says

    Yes it will. Though something with high Vit C is possibly better for that..

  3. JiJiJujuJinJin says

    stress is definitely a factor for me. I’ve noticed I’ve broken out every
    test week which will be on 3rd week intervals. It could also be in
    conjunction with that special time of the month. I don’t know. Fact is,
    university and grad school has ruined my skin :( I do try to keep up with
    it but I feel like it’s out of my hands, boo too!

  4. Kirsty Martin says

    OMG i have had millions of spots this week all because of stress as i have
    so many tests at school ! but thank you for making this video ! really
    helped :) xxx

  5. Wayne Porter says

    Sisley makes a wonderful product called the Tropical Resins Mask. It can be
    used as either a clarifying mask or as an overnight spot treatment. I find
    that it usually clears my spots overnight– just dab some on the blemish
    and leave it on till the next morning.

  6. Julia McAdam says

    Really helpful video, Ruth! I find that a change in weather breaks me out
    too – my skin has recently been all over the place, spot-wise.

  7. chicybaby2002 says

    I’ve ordered 2 products from the May Lindstrom skincare line and love them!
    I would love to see you review her products.

  8. MissSmileytje says

    I have got a lot of blackheads, i clean my skin every day and eat healthy.
    Also I really don’t have the money to buy products that are ment to reduce
    them..Do you’ve got any idea to get rid of them? (sorry if my English
    isn’nt that good :’))

  9. PitchforkDisney says

    Ruth, what camera did you use to film this blog and what kind of lighting?
    Please answer. Thank you :)