How To Get Rid Of Crows Feet

Crows Feet, how to get rid of them and why do we get Crows feet in the first place.


  1. Sheila Sanford says

    Can you do a video on what you should feel after getting Botox, and after
    it kicks in. Recently I got botox in my forehead, 11′s and crows feet for
    the first time. I was told when it kicks in my forehead might feel a little
    heavy. Well it has started kicking in, but what I feel is it is kinda hard
    and there are tender spots where the botox was injected. It does not feel
    that way where they injected the crows feet. Is this a normal feeling?

  2. DoctorJanina says

    Hi Sheila, after Botox the most common issue is sensitivity to the sun
    because it’s harder to squint if your crows feet and forehead were done.
    Tenderness is common but should be going away very soon. How are you
    feeling today?

  3. Polina B says

    Hi, I started using dermaroller and I have these square wrinkles right
    under my eyes probably cause my skin is so delicate there and I am getting
    older (i’m almost 35) Do you think it would help me with those wrinkles?
    Can you suggest anything else? Just getting desperate! :( Thank you!