Lip Enhancement

Just how easy is the newest lip plumping beauty tool? You’ve seen how the Medium Oval can work, now see what the Large Round can do. Watch all the way through for an added bonus at the end! How big can your lips get?

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fullips is a small, portable, hand held, self-suction device designed to enlarge and enhance a woman’s lips that have thinned due to aging or for younger women wishing to have fuller lips.

For fuller lips at any age, try fullips!

As seen in SkyMall.
For the safety of our consumers, all of our products are made from food grade plastic and FDA approved colorant, being manufactured and packaged by two outstanding companies in the USA.


  1. Selena Vanilla says

    I got mine today in the mail and I could not be happier! It came with an
    extra bonus. I got the large round (it came with a FREE small oval) Which I
    used right after I exfoliated my lips. I got instantly bigger lips and
    followed the instructions to getting a cupids bow. Getting good suction was
    so easier than I thought it would be! It’s a great price and I couldn’t be
    happier with my purchase! 

  2. Sara Rose says

    Hi, just want to know if your lips go slightly dry and wrinkled after the
    plumping effect wears off. I want to try it but i’m scared of the side
    effects. Also how long does the effect last for and how long do you have to
    use for?