Anti-aging Cleansers

PLEASE watch my live anti-aging video first ! SORRY This was so quick! You may have to pause it to read all the products! I am also going to list here a few more Serums and Speacialty products that I think are GREAT for the skin. Please check back because I need time to type out my suggestions! My man is here visiting from LV and feels neglected! There will be MANY more skincare vid’s to come. I will be doing some makeup tutorial’s, review’s etc.. in between! I think I have found a MUCH better setup so I can REALLY do some fun MU tut’s! YAY! As always, feel free to ask a question or make a request! Thank you ALL for the support and positive feedback!

Sk-ll Signs Wrinkle Serum

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Advanced Time Complex Capsules Intensive Treatment for face and d├ęcolletage

Estee’ Lauder Re Nutriv Intensive Lifting Serum

Estee’ Lauder Re Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Serum

DDF C3 Plus Serum


  1. MoiraS63 says

    thanks for doing this…5 *’s! Now I have to make a list! But all for the
    glory of gorgeous skin! Hugs

  2. 2516zina says

    This is great, thank you. I’m going shopping this weekend armed with my
    list. How long should I use a product before I give up on it (to see

  3. honeypennyful says

    Another favorites! I too would be interested in knowing how long to give a
    product until we think it’s a waste of time and money! lol

  4. StarterBeauty says

    I had a question cleanser related..first I am african american..dont know
    if you needed to know that to help but i am currently using Olay Daily
    facials deep cleansing cloths for combination/oily i hurting or
    helping my sensitive acne prone skin..havent broken out in a while i use
    trentinoin on my skin every night but is my cleanser choice a good one?

  5. BeautyFindstheSoul says

    Hi StarterBeauty, I’m SO sorry I haven’t replied! I’ve been CRAZY busy! Ok,
    the Olay facial wipes should be just fine as long as they are unscented. I
    DO think that a GOOD cleanser for your skin type would do a better job at
    keeping your skin clean! Using any Rx retinol, especially pure Trentinoin
    will cause skin sensitivity. What % are you using? I can recommend a good
    cleanser! Do you want a cleanser from the drugstore, or one from somewhere

  6. StarterBeauty says

    i would love a recommendation on a good drugstore and high end cleanser and
    moisturizer. The trentinoin is now a .025% but i jus reduced it from a
    .050% last week

  7. Laura G. Diaz says

    Hello BeautyFindstheSoul….you actually did find the beauty’s soul! Thank
    you so much for sharing your knowledge! I also have one question! I have
    like really small kind of milia(not sure if it is but i would say that it
    is, but it is not that noticible!) looking under my eyes, is there any
    product that could help me? Also, is it true that paraben is bad for our
    skins? Most products have paraben! :S Are there other ingredients that can
    be harmful for our skin?

  8. Laura G. Diaz says

    I use NUXE creams. do you know those products? If you do.Are they good? I
    like them because they don’t have paraben hehe and they make my skin feels
    so soft! but I would like you to tell me if you thing that their good hehe :P I’m 22 years old. Should I use a serum, an anti-aging cream and a spf
    cream? All together? Isn’t that too much? I hate wrinkles, should I use a
    local anti-wrinkle cream? Which under eye creams are good for dark
    circles?anti-aging? I’m sorry for that question attack :(

  9. sweetcandlesisters says

    I love YOU! you are such a sweetie and for you to take the time to share
    your knowledge speaks volumes. i cant wait to see more of your vids!

  10. apolone1218 says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! i have been using organic products… like Avalon
    Organics Vitamin C line. im so nervous now. their ingredients are full of
    essential oils! and also paraben free… omg… Sorry for my eng. 5stars!!
    cant wait to see ur more vids!

  11. cattyblue21 says

    Hello. i just founf your page an di am so happy! I watch a lot of youtube
    videos but never once saw a professional. I am very happy that you are
    doing this – thank you. Quick question please. I am african- american and i
    would like a good product that will clear my acne scars. Please can you
    give me products from drug store to high end products to the ones you swear
    on and have used. Thank you for your time and patience. also were can i get
    the last product in this video?

  12. xoxolety says

    Hello. I love your videos and I am so happy to of found them! I have
    combinations skin, I think? Not oily except for my nose (sometimes) and I
    don’t think I have dry skin. I use the olay foaming face wash for
    combination skin, is that okay? I have a 1 yr old so it’s hard to always
    clean my face at night time but I was wondering if I should use SPF under
    the moisturizer? Also I also want to make sure and protect my babies skin
    from dryness in the winter and UVA UVB, would you happen to know a

  13. Tammy North says

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I’m 41 yes old and have been
    using the Olay Regenerist line for some time now. I want to keep my skin
    looking young and have recently been told about StriVectin-SD product and
    Retinol-X product. Do you know anything about these two pro dusts? I have
    normal skin.