Facial Wrinkle Remover

Take a crack at facial rubbing therapy to even out creases and other signs of growing old along the eyes. Face training treatments performed for the eyes, makes a huge difference to eradicate wrinkles and to make the face look younger.


As a biological, non-surgical facelift, yoga facial exercises are superb for age regression and will present you with a radiant skin. Ladies and guys throughout the world attest to yoga for the face.


Wendy Wilken’s renowned do-it-yourself face gymnastics system called Facelift Without Surgery offers so many anti-aging and age-regression benefits for ladies and guys. Her natural facelift methods are also referred to as the homemade Japanese facelift. Her tissue regeneration system shows folks the way to perform their own non-invasive facelifts by employing face stimulation yoga on acupressure points:

1. Her facial rejuvenation routines take on, improve, treat and fade away swollen eye bags, black spots, and eye creases and also crow’s feet.

2. Inhibit, get rid of, and attend to frown furrows and creases with her facial fitness system.

3. Raise and straighten wrinkled skin such as turkey or tortoise neck. Saggy face skin and loose jowls can be lifted and firmed.

4. Her face reflexology remedies entail targeted cheek and dual chin tightening routines to hone the mid face and make the jawline slimmer, trimmer.

5. Bring back a healthy and glowing complexion and skin tone.

6. It is the top facial gymnastics system to buy for lessening and blending away smile wrinkles, laughter furrows, and Marionette folds.

7. Fill out hollow areas such as sunken eye and cheekbone zones. Face restoration treatments can be first-rate for reshaping and structuring the face. Plump cheeks and skeletal cheeks will be treated and tautened with face flexing yoga.

8. Anti-aging skin care is made easy with the Wendy Wilken organic facelift transformation procedures employing your fingers. Bring a face glow to your face within days. Appearing youthful is now easily reachable by females and males.

9. You can even execute your own holistic mini facelift if you want because it is under your command.

Check out more about face renewal and reshaping routines at http://www.facelift-without-surgery.biz/before-after-facial-exercises.html


Q: Is this anti-aging skin care program suitable for men?
A: Of course. Males, females, and teens, all will benefit, young and old. The pressure points are always in the same location for all folks to revitalize.

Q: Will the organic facelift treatments lessen acne scars?
A: To some extent they will work, but remember scars are scars. The underlying tissue will fill out, thereby reducing the depth of the acne scars, making them less prominent.

Q: How easy is it to locate the acupressure points for best toning results?
A: Each of the pressure points are clearly demonstrated in the black and white photos in Facelift Without Surgery. Each point has a narration which describes its location, motion required, benefits, oriental name, etc. You may see a sample under the section “EXAMPLE FROM BOOK” page on the website to understand how the rejuvenation points are presented. After a day or two, you will be able to find them with your eyes closed! It will become second nature to you. You can easily do the rubbing methods in front of the television.

Q: How early in life may I start Wendy Wilken’s facial stimulation plan?
A: The earlier, the better. The proverb “prevention is better than cure” sums it up perfectly!

Q: If I’ve had aesthetic surgery in the past, will your biological facelift solution benefit me?
A: You could have avoided facelift surgery altogether if you had obtained Wendy’s face revival system earlier. Yes, it will benefit you, but it may take a bit longer to see an improvement because the scarring and surgical incisions could hamper the energy flow to the face, throat, and head.

Q: Does Wendy’s face workout sessions entail the stretching of skin or pulling of extreme expressions?
A: No. Most of the other facial training programs on the market today use isometrics which can involve the pulling of strange expressions and extreme skin stretching. Facelift Without Surgery employs tissue kneading and acupressure principles using the fingertips. No extreme stretching, just firm manipulation on very specific energy points to fast-track results towards a natural oriental facelift, accomplished at home.