Wrinkle Cream Review

WARNING – Man voice alert, struggling with my sinuses and allergies yet again.
ALSO – my cell phone alarm goes off randomly. Well random for you, I know what they mean…..

ROC Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Night Cream
ROC Retinol Correction Eye Cream

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  1. Sheila Popovich says

    I use Philosophy’s “Hope In A Tube” eye and lip cream and I love it. It
    doesn’t make this claim but I swear that it makes my eyelashes grow, also.
    I use an eye gel under my concealer during the day

  2. kelligirl724 says

    Just last night I bought Clinique dark circle corrector. It’s in a small
    white tube with a silver applicator. I’ve heard lots of good things so we
    shall see. My dark circles are mostly on the sides of my inner eyes by my
    nose and they are from allergies/sinus issues. So, I’m wondering if there
    is anything that will help with that. I’ll let ya know!

  3. Mrslatina79 says

    Hey E! That’s is what I do, I’m trying now aveno cleanser I am also trying
    something for skin, I think I got weird skin dry after I wash and clean
    then I place lotion so far it doesn’t matter what I use but my skin gets
    oily! Any suggestions?

  4. Lisa Marie says

    I live in Houston to…and our weather sucks, Im also struggling w/sinuses
    :c but you still look gorgeous!

  5. MissCrystal says

    If something is going to irritate your eye area, it will do so regardless
    if it’s made for eyes or not. I have sensitive eyes and I can use certain
    eye creams and some I can’t because they irritate. Same with moisturizers,
    some are fine, others not. It depends on the product itself. Dark circles
    are mostly hereditary and not much you can do about them, unfortunately. I
    swear 30 is when all skin issues start showing up, lol. ;) xo Crystal

  6. TheStyleChronicles says

    There is a Hilton right there at Reliant. The best hotels are the ones
    downtown or in the galleria area in my opinion, like the Westin, Hotel
    Icon, Zaza, Crowne Plaza, but there are hotels everywhere. Houston is known
    for the Galleria b/c of the stores – Chanel, LVuitton, Prada, Tory B, etc.
    There is also ” West U,” or Rice Village, Highland Village, River Oaks,
    Uptown Shops, West Ave, and City Centre. There are also freestanding shops
    like American Apparel,

  7. jessica pena says

    Have you ever tried mally beauty or philosophy beauty?? Would love to see a
    review or something on these..

  8. Marley Station says

    Experts suggest using a retinol as soon as possible to preserve youthful
    appearance, so you would be fine. Just use caution, particularly if you
    have sensitive skin, as retinols can cause burning and irritation.

  9. melani montgomery says

    Ok well I used the ROC eye retinol cream for months and my skin underneath
    my eyes got more wrinkles, I was so upset . I used SPF 70 under my eyes
    daily and concealer . Then I found a dermatologist who told me that using
    retinol under your eyes is too harsh and will thin the skin and make the
    wrinkling more so then it was. Basically, I think ROC just puts out this
    product yada yada to make money. I do use the ROC retinol standard night
    cream and its great , but I will use only several months.

  10. melani montgomery says

    I will just use the ROC night face cream several months a year not to thin
    skin on my face too much. Think twice everyone about retinol eye cream for
    daily long term use. It will NOT give you desired results. A standard
    firming cream is best. You want a protein base cream to build up the tissue
    not thin it.

  11. TracyLulu Zellar says

    You go girl!! I am so amazed at the rude comments people leave!! If they
    don’t like your videos, its pretty simple..Dont watch them!!

  12. couturequeen84 says

    I got that ROC night cream for my laugh lines. Hope it works. Luckily it
    wasn’t irritating to my skin. I do need to get that eye cream. Thanks for

  13. Charmaine Smith says

    Honey get to the point u spent toooo much time explaining and not so much
    of the product