Glycolic Acid

Here’s a video showing how to use Glycolic Acid as (1) an all over treatment, (2) a spot treatment, and (3) to prevent acne after physical irritation. AHA+:

Information on SPF with recommended options here:


  1. Annie says

    I use Juice Beauty Organic Oil Free SPF 30 sunscreen. It is rated 1 on EWG
    (Environmental Working Group) website. It’s safe, non toxic sunblock.
    Doesn’t break me out at all. I’ve been using it all summer along with the

  2. fullmetaljacket765 says

    Great video, well done!! Congrats. Been on the regimen for more than two
    years, absolutely no complaints!!.

  3. Nic Miller says

    is it normal that yeah, my acne gets less worst, but becomes more and more
    with bigger pores? is there something i can do about it?

  4. lisa love says

    I have a question about face masks, should I just throw away all of the
    different ones I bought? will they irritate my skin?

  5. Stephen Priest says

    Hi Dan. The only part of my face that i every have trouble with acne on is
    my forehead. The rest of my face is in great condition (combination skin
    type besides the acne on my forehead). I get a variation of acne, from
    visible heads to “under the skin”. If i only get acne on my forehead how
    should i use The Regimen? On my entire face? Just my forehead? what about
    the rest of my face? Thanks! I hope you consider this!

  6. Vanessa Kkk says

    I’ve been using the regimen for 7 weeks and aha for 2 weeks,my acnes were
    almost gone but i have another problem,dry flakey peeling skin!I can’t put
    on makeup due to the flakes and patches :-( isnt aha an exfoliator?why am i
    still suffering from dry flakey skin?do i need a scrub to remove the dead
    skin ? will my skin keep staying dry as long as i use bp?(i only use 1 pump
    every time,my face can’t handle 2 full pumps )

  7. kelly alen says

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  8. jalballa94 says

    Do You recommend using the AHA 2 to 3 nights or every day mixed with a
    moisturizer? Which is more effective/less irritating to the skin?

  9. jalballa94 says

    If you mix it with a moisturizer, does it have to be the regimen one?
    Because i use cetaphil. 

  10. Alisha Pitchford says

    So can I use the glycolic acid toner before I use the regimen moisturizer? 

  11. mahninjA says

    Hello,i’ve been using the regimen for 2 weeks now for controlling my mild
    inflamatory acne. My main concern is that i have a lot of clogged
    comedones,all around my face,mostly of my cheeks. Before getting in the
    regimen i’ve used aHa exfoliate products with sorbic / glycolic acid with
    no result at all. I’ve never tried an bha exfoliating product,since i’ve
    never known the difference but it seems that they are the best regarding to
    closed comedones. But regimen says that it should not use an bha
    exfoliator. Should i try adding an bha exfoliator after a month into the
    regimen ?. Closed comedones have been with me all my life.

  12. angelfoodcake1979 says

    I don’t understand why AHA as it is not oil soluble. Every other page or
    book on acne always says that bha is what kills acne (next to bpo). My main
    form of acne is clogged pores…pretty much everywhere on my face. My chest
    responded very well and fast to bpo. I had blackheads there, and it is now
    all clear! Woo hoo! But my face still has clogged pores that don’t seem to
    want to disappear. I”m using bpo for over a year. No cycsts, no blackheads,
    just these damn clogged pores.