Wrinkle Removers

Egg whites are a great way to treat wrinkles. Learn how to use egg whites to tighten skin with expert tips in this free wrinkle treatment and prevention video.

Expert: Mrs. Jeesaa Gupta
Bio: Mrs. Jeesaa Gupta has been practicing traditional Indian remedies for the last 27 yrs.
Filmmaker: Sarit Baran Tarafdar


  1. melvintbaclay says

    can we do this evry night?im only 25 but i the wrinkles on my face
    particularly in my forehead are very visible…does it cure permanently or
    it’s only temporary…?

  2. jonnywoodsfansite says

    it lasts like a dat but leaves skin soft as im 20 i tryed this cause i had
    a few small lines started 5 days ago they r slowly going away they say once
    a week but ive done it 2 times skins still cool not messed up anyway u can
    do the same with the yolks too to get the enzymes as well keep it real

  3. kafkakafkakafkak26 says

    her secret is to slowly over time , keep gaining weight. it’s the
    Baloooooon treatment.

  4. lovetheatre100 says

    I’m a sucker for youthfull creams and looking younger. Can somebody tell me
    if this works or is it a joke?

  5. Judy de Silva says

    Why do you want to watch this to criticize? godd some people are sooo
    suffering from inferiority complexes!!! I think this is a lovely video..
    try it and if it works on you.. you can thank her without finding fault..
    be thankful she is talking in English for all to understand and not in

  6. naksh tamrakar says

    waw it’s really good and 100 % natural thank you very much i always follows
    your treatment at home

  7. leah says

    It definitely works! I’ve used it before, and continue to, and swear by it!
    It will take years off your face and feels so refreshing! Unless you have
    very dry skin, I urge you to try it! Good luck :)!!!

  8. ForeverIloveyou2013 says

    I love this recipe, it is all natural if it didn’t work it won’t harm, her
    skin is the prove that this recipe is wonderful, peeps stop negativity, she
    is helping!!!

  9. TheSw33t3stThing says

    +NoddoN ChesterretsehC SolraccarloS
    Yep Chester ! Its the only program that targets my
    muscles beneath my cellulite zone. It was
    really good and really quick. Anyway, you
    got the name of the site misspelled. It should be:
    *put dots in place of the asterisks, yt filters auto-spams it :(*

  10. BeatlesFanSonia says

    Ok, that was egg white, sugar, honey and cucumber juice right? Thanks for
    the video. I found it very interesting.