Natural Wrinkle Cream

This is a super easy, fast, and natural eye cream oil you can make! Both of the ingredients are for anti-aging and preventing wrinkles. This may also be more effective than an expensive store bought eye cream. Hope you try it out!

Eye Cream Ingredients:
Vitamin E Oil
Evening Primrose Oil


  1. seemak12008 says

    I mentioned in the video that my under eye area is more moisturized now,
    but since I don’t have dark circles/wrinkles I can’t test that out

  2. mai vang says

    Hey sofi, this diy really works. I use it for two weeks now and I see a
    tremendous decrease in my dark circle. I recommend you to give it a chance
    and try this diy if you haven’t.

  3. premiduseja says

    Interesting, I eat vitamin E & primrose oil gels but I never thought of
    applying it over my skin directly .. So after watching ur video I m gona
    try it

  4. star_dust_girl says

    Hello Seema, I wanted to know within how many days this concoction should
    be used? And do you store in in refrigerator? I have been surfing through
    your channel and I must say, your videos are very helpful. Thank you. :)

  5. FierceFeline says

    I have started trying this and I am definitely noticing a difference in the
    dark circles under my eyes and the wrinkles. Both are starting to fade. I
    will continue to see how well it works! Thanks for the great video!

  6. Jess Basic says

    I am going to be trying this. I am having issues with dry eyelids after
    wearing makeup and dry patches and irritated skin. Also I need to have a
    proper eye cream and I think this will do the trick!!

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