Wrinkle Cream Reviews

Thanks for watching :) Any questions? Please ask!

Product Mentioned:
Neutrogena Anti Wrinkle moisturizer, The Original Formula SPF 15

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  1. HotMissa says

    Dylan, My skin leans more to the oily side. What moisturizer do you
    recommend? Stay sweet <3

  2. Dylan Barger says

    @HotMissa If you have oily skin then I would recommend a very light lotion.
    The Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Combination skin is very light, but
    also has an SPF. Also, the Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion is very light, and
    absorbes very quickly. But it has 10% glycolic acid as a chemical exfoliant
    (I’ll have a video on it tomorrow). When I had acne, I swore by the
    Clinique Moisturizing Gel. However it is a tad pricey. Thank you for
    watching! :)

  3. tjport1980 says

    What are you planning for a career ? Dermatologist ? I think you would be
    good at it.

  4. Dylan Barger says

    @tjport1980 I’m not sure actually haha. I have always wanted to be a
    lawyer, however ultimately I will have to take over my dad’s business. haha
    Maybe a dermatologist would best suit me? Who knows? haha But thank you! :)

  5. 19674438 says

    I read the comment about your career maybe a Dermatologist?But a lawyer yes
    it’s good, take over your dad’s business the way to go.As always great info
    you give. THANKS

  6. Catalina031 says

    Would love for you to try the night cream and let us know how it is. Does
    this contain antioxidants too? Great review Dylan! You are soo right-there
    is no miracle in a tube LOL ♥ jan

  7. blueydleprechaun says

    Crazy! I just watched some of your old videos and then this one. It’s crazy
    how you “grew up” in 20 minutes! haha

  8. Dylan Barger says

    @19674438 You never really know what the future holds, I guess I’ll find
    out in about 2 years :p haha. Thank you for watching! :)

  9. Dylan Barger says

    @Catalina031 The night cream is just like the day cream, but without the
    SPF. The same ingredients and everything. However since I am a product
    junkie, I will try it soon. haha. I’m posting a video today about what I
    use at night now, so maybe you will find that helpful :) Thank you for
    watching and commenting :)

  10. Dylan Barger says

    @blueydleprechaun Yeah, sometimes I go back and look at my past videos. It
    scares me to think of how much Iv’e changed haha. Oh well, I believe it’s
    for the good :) Thank you for watching and commenting!

  11. Aaaaaa says

    *** You mention some false info…. Retin-A is a brand just like Renova is
    a brand. The active ingredient is Retinol. Just fyi

  12. Aaaaaa says

    Retin-A is not prescribed for anti aging benefits. The retinol
    concentration is too high in it and is prescribed for severe acne. As for
    Renova, the concentration of retinol is lower therefore can be used for
    anti aging benefits. Just fyi

  13. Dylan Barger says

    First, retinol isn’t even an ingredient, the actual ingredient is
    tretinoin (topical v A). If you would look at any brand of tretinoin you
    would see that…

  14. Dylan Barger says

    @surferdrew7686 Second, TRETINOIN is prescribed for many things, such as
    acne, skin discolorations, and fine lines/wrinkles. It comes in brands such
    as Retin A Micro, Renova, Avita, ect. Because of the FDA, drugstore
    products are required to use only small amounts of tretinoin because of
    its’ overall potency, thus why they call it Retinol and not Retin A.

  15. Dylan Barger says

    @surferdrew7686 Tretinoin is an amazing ingredient in whatever brand you
    choose. It’s basically a miracle drug because of it’s overall effectiveness
    in treating a wide rangs of skin conditions. Iv’e taken many classes on
    anti aging products/skin conditions, and have talked for many hours with my
    dermatologists and cosmetic surgeon on all types of anti aging products.
    This is something I know a little about.

  16. EternalMelancholy1 says

    I tried that crean & another cream from them & it burned my face. I used
    both for 5 days & my face was flaking, sore & it hurt a lot. I don’t need
    wrinkle cream but I wanted it to pervent wrinkles.

  17. veraaxKaulitz says

    hi there.. thanks for the review..but i have a questionnn!!! I know you’re
    a boy and all..but would you say this moisturizer is good to wear under
    foundation??? or is it too oily? or creamy or anything.. ? Ive been using
    the OLAY total effects…and my skin used ot be dry…OLAY made my skin
    oily :( and i dont want a moisturizer that will still make my nose area
    oily…i ABSOLUTELY hate it!! id appreciate it if you replied! THANK YOUS!

  18. oliviajane91 says

    I thought you weren’t supposed to use retinol in the day because it makes
    your skin sun-sensitive… :S I just bought the night version.

  19. SnuupyX says

    FYI, Products with Retinol in them (at least with a certain percentage) are
    forbidden in Switzerland, and docters tell you not to use too long etc. if
    a doctor actually perscribes it (Mostly they perscribe it, if you have a
    bad rash and so forth)… Know why??? Because it increases the chance of
    getting livercancer… Shouldn’t say anything, since i’m a smoker… still,
    thought some of you would like to know…

  20. AikoKayo says

    I just bought this yesterday while I was out for boxing day, and the box
    said that I’d have to use it for at least 8 weeks before the wrinkles
    begins to disappear

  21. Caroline Queen says

    I have used ultra organic argan oil treatment for at least 2 years and I
    believe that it really works. Obviously I wouldn’t continue to use if it
    didn’t. ..arganlife…

  22. Sagnik Banerjee says

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  23. goldfish1871 says

    i’m so jealous that it worked well for you!

    it was ok in my experience, but i found that i couldn’t use it with another
    product otherwise my skin would break out. i will keep using it every other
    night since i do have the whole tube to use and it was decent enough for my

    p.s. you have great skin!